USA Today Launches Fantasy Sports Gaming Platform

USA Today Launches Fantasy Sports Gaming Platform

It is difficult to envision the popularity of fantasy sports gaming can get any bigger, but USA Today is hopeful that is the case. The daily nationwide newspaper recently launched its own fantasy gaming website, Fantasy Score, last week which will concentrate on the NFL, with Major League Baseball, the NBA and NHL platforms on the horizon. The potential of USA Today’s venture is unlimited considering the popularity of other sports such as NASCAR, soccer and golf.

Fantasy Sports Gaming Competition Heating Up

USA Today is hardly the first major publication or website to expand into fantasy sports gaming coverage. Earlier this summer, Sports Illustrated launched its own platform, FanNation, which covers the NFL, MLB, NHL and NBA while Yahoo! Sports has been in the fantasy sports gaming arena for several years. Experts believe it is a matter of time until the four major American sports leagues launch their own platforms of fantasy sports gaming.

Is PayPal Re-Entering Online Gaming?

If further evidence regarding the popularity of fantasy sports was needed, naysayers need to look no further than the well-documented rumors of PayPal’s re-entry into the online gaming industry. And why shouldn’t it? PayPal currently provides payment processing for many online casinos and gaming sites overseas, but not in the US. No official announcement has been made by the payments giant, but with online gaming made legal in three states, it makes sense for PayPal to sign on.

Fantasy Sports Startups Welcome

Instabill, founded in 2001, got its start in the online gaming industry in its early days and continues to welcome and provide merchant accounts to fantasy sports gaming entrepreneurs. Countless startups have enjoyed remarkable success after partnering with Instabill for merchant services. Merchant account managers are on hand by clicking the chat button below or by phoning 1-800-318-2713.

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