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Payment Gateway Technology With Multi-Currency Support

Accept Online Credit Card Payments Worldwide

payment gateway allows merchants to connect their e-commerce website to their merchant account enabling them to accept credit card payments online quickly and easily. As our merchant account managers will match merchants with the best acquiring banking option for their business, merchants can easily connect their websites to the bank’s payment gateway where they can track and view their transactions.

Benefits of Instabill’s Internet Merchant Accounts

Internet merchant accounts from Instabill will provide you with very generous monthly processing caps while allowing you to accept large ticket transactions. We can even connect you to a local, offshore or international acquiring bank to meet all of your online credit card processing needs. Discover how you will benefit from Instabill’s payment processing technology. Our merchant account managers are always available at 1-800-318-2713 or by live chat (below).

Merchant Panel

The merchant panel on the high risk merchant account payment gateway allows you to see and manage online and virtual terminal credit card transactions. Learn More About the Merchant Panel.

The transaction page allows you to see an ordered list of your customers’ transactions. With the most recent transactions at the top of the list, it is easy to track your online credit card processing.

Wit the statistics page, you can filter your transactions by selecting specific features, such as volume and total number of successful transactions.

Our gateway includes a FREE virtual terminal for qualifying MOTO (mail order/telephone order) merchants. The virtual terminal allows you to process credit cards by manually entering payment information.

Are you too busy to manage your online payment gateway? Create multiple operators through the user management interface so your employees can help you supervise your online transactions.

Payment Gateway Integration

As one of the top payment gateway providers worldwide, Instabill helps you integrate your business’s software, websites, shopping carts, and additional applications to the high risk merchant account payment gateway of the acquiring bank which we choose for your businesss. Integration is easy and your newly acquiring banking partner can assist in linking your website to their payment gateway, enabling you to accept credit card payments online. Learn more about Payment Gateway Integration.

Hosted Payment Page

To help you reduce some of your PCI DSS requirements, Instabill can align you with a FREE hosted payment page. We take on the responsibility of collecting payment information so you can focus on other aspects of your business. Hosted payments pages have many, many advantages and are key in reducing credit card fraud and hacking.

Direct Post Integration

With direct post processing, you are responsible for managing your payment page and collecting credit card information.

Fraud Prevention

With our payment processing technology, you can accept credit cards online in a safe and secure environment with our comprehensive fraud prevention system. We protect your business and customers from fraudulent activity, and teach you how to protect yourself. Learn more about how you are protected against fraud

Consolidate Multiple Merchant Accounts

Instabill matches your business with the best acquiring banking partners we know, enabling you to process unlimited monthly transactions. However, your Internet merchant account may have volume caps. If this is the case, you can significantly raise your monthly processing limit by applying for multiple merchant accounts.

With multiple accounts, you can distribute your transactions to lower your volume per account. Most importantly, you can consolidate your merchant accounts and manage them all through our secure gateway technology.