Instabill Partner Program

The instabill partner program: Earn generous revenue shares for your leads.

Instabill Partner Program: Stop losing revenue — Partner with us!

60-70% revenue sharing for leads that begin processing transactions

Are you turning away leads because you’re unable to find them the right processing solution? The Instabill Partner Program enables you to start saying ‘YES’ to those hard-to-place merchants today.

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Who Can Send Us Leads? Anyone. We’ll Share the Revenue!

It’s not just agents, ISOs and competing PSPs from whom we will accept leads. We also receive them from shopping cart providers, web designers, banking agents and e-commerce merchants. If you have clients ready for referral, contact us today.

Instabill merchant account managers are available in person Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m., U.S. eastern time by calling 1-800-530-4444. All inquiries after regular business hours will be answered the very next business day – guaranteed.

Send Your Leads for 60-70% Revenue Shares

Agents, ISOs and competing PSPs will share 60-70 percent of revenues for leads that begin processing transactions with Instabill. Under Instabill’s new partner program structure, Partner Program members will receive:

  • 60% residual split on UP TO $1 million in cumulative monthly credit card processing volume
  • 70% residual split on OVER $1 million in cumulative monthly credit card processing volume

Fast Pre-Application Vetting

Instabill’s pre-application vetting is easy:

  • E-mail your dedicated merchant account manager with the legal name of the business, owner’s name, valid e-mail address, website URL and telephone number.
  • Complete the attached pre-application in full and e-mail it to your merchant account manger OR send us an application you have already completed.
  • Instabill will pre-vet the lead to make certain it is not already in our CRM.
  • Instabill will contact you to inform you whether we can or cannot move forward with the lead.
  • Instabill will contact the merchant to complete any bank-specific application, forms or to request any additional supporting documents which may be required for approval.

Our Partner Program Works Like This…

It’s very simple: When an agent, PSP or ISO is unable to find a bank to take on a high risk merchant, the PSP contacts Instabill and our merchant account managers take it from there. We’ll find the best acquiring bank for that merchant, connect them to a payment gateway, get them processing credit cards and split the revenue as much as 70 percent.

Prospective Instabill Partner Program members come to us with all kinds of high risk merchants, but among the common industries include:

Our Co-Branded Landing Page Option: The Simplest Way to Send Us Leads

Joining the Instabill Partner Program means taking advantage of the benefits of our co-branded landing page, the easiest way to send us your leads.

It’s easy.

  1. Speak with a merchant account manager at 1-800-530-2444 and complete our partnership agreement.
  2. At your request, we will create and send your unique co-branded landing page within 24-36 hours.
  3. Post the unique URL to the co-branded page wherever appropriate on your website or simply e-mail the URL to prospective leads.
  4. In turn, the lead completes the quick form and sends it to our account managers, who will find the best payment processing solutions.
  5. Once the lead begins processing transactions, you, the partner, begin earning 60-70 percent revenue shares.

Ready to Become a Partner?

To become a member of the Instabill Partner Program, we’ll need a signed agency agreement, valid identification (a completed and signed W9 form from U.S. residents). We’ll then return you a copy of the agency agreement, and you’re ready to send your leads to your merchant account manager (and enjoy the extra revenue).

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