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Since 2001, Instabill has been providing merchant accounts to businesses worldwide as well as expanding its own payments expertise and knowledge base. We take pride in being able to teach our merchants what features they should look for in credit card processing services and knowing how to protect their merchant accounts from fraud and chargebacks. For this reason, we have created a variety of articles so you can educate yourself and make informed decisions for your business.

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In the Merchant Account Service Guide, you can find out what type of support there is for merchant accounts as well as reading about common online credit card processing problems. In International Merchant Accounts, you can read about merchant accounts established in a variety of countries and regions worldwide, including Australia, Panama, and the European Union. In Qualities of High Risk Merchant Accounts, you can read about high volume credit card processing as well as what makes being a high risk merchant so demanding. There are many other sections and Instabill articles for you to explore.

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