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Online Credit Card Processing

Accept Credit Card Payments Online for your E-Commerce, MOTO or Retail Business

For nearly 20 years, Instabill has provided merchants of all risk levels with the best credit card processing services we know. For low and high risk payment processing, our expert merchant account managers match your business with the best acquiring banks with which we’re partnered that embrace high risk industries. Our domestic, offshore and international merchant account solutions are competitive and affordable.

With a 10-minute telephone conversation, we can get you started with the merchant account application process. Once we receive your application and supporting documents, we can have you accepting credit card payments within two weeks. Click on the button to the left to fill out our quick form – you’ll be hearing from us shortly.

Online Credit Card Processing Solutions

Whether you operate a low risk or high risk business, a brick-and-mortar with an online store or straight e-commerce website, Instabill can connect you with the payment gateway solution best for your business. With a diverse network of domestic and offshore acquiring banking partners that embrace businesses of most risk levels, we likely have a solution for you. Instabill has payment processing services for numerous business types.

MOTO Credit Card Processor Solutions

Each business is unique. Our merchant account experts understand that some models work well with other payment solutions, not just credit card processing. With our virtual terminal solution, qualifying merchants can accept credit cards over the phone and through the mail. Read more about our MOTO merchant accounts today.

Retail Credit Card Processing Solutions

Though known as a credit card processor for high risk industries, Instabill can furnish storefront businesses with retail merchant accounts with the latest EMV-ready point-of-sale technology, including mobile EMV solutions. Read more about our retail merchant accounts and retail credit card processor services now.

Know your credit card processing alternatives

With recent changes in the way the card brands are cracking down on chargebacks as well as stringent regulations with high risk industries, the business of providing payment solutions to high risk merchants is changing. Some high risk merchants will attest that high risk credit card processing is becoming more difficult.

Perhaps. However, Instabill remains partnered with domestic and international acquiring banks that welcome high risk industries and merchants.

A solution for anonymous payments

Instabill has recently partnered with an online payment processor to provide a solution for high risk merchants to provide anonymous payments to customers. Our new solution is perfect for merchants who have difficulty in obtaining a merchant account and/or those who may have an imperfect credit history.

Our alternative solution works like this:

  • The merchant places the widget of our partner on their checkout screen.
  • The customer clicks on the widget and is directed to buy a gift card (such as Target, Apple, Amazon, or Walmart).
  • The customer purchases the gift card for the required amount.
  • The customer then pays for the purchase using the gift card through the widget, entering the card number and pin.
  • The merchant receives payout in either cryptocurrency or an ACH transfer, whichever he prefers, following a 48-hour funding time.

Need Check Solutions?

Instabill recommends check solutions to every merchant, regardless of their industry. Checks and ACH payment processing are an extremely underrated payment method and offer many benefits, such as:

  • A solid, secure alternative when credit card processing isn’t an option.
  • Check solutions offer far lower chargeback rates.
  • NACHA, the governing body of The Automate Clearing House (ACH), implemented same-day ACH processing, effective March 16, 2018.