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Internet Merchant Account: Merchant Services for E-Commerce

Online Credit Card Processing Solutions

Quick…what’s the first thing a consumer does when s/he needs a specific product or service?

  1. Searches for the product/service online
  2. Researches reviews of the product/service
  3. A and likely B

The answer is obvious.

The e-commerce trend has taken over. Running a successful business in the 21st century means taking advantage of the online marketplace and selling your products online. However, this is more easily said than done. The first thing all merchants need is an internet merchant account.

Getting started with your online merchant account can be difficult. Many business often don’t know where to start, and others find it next to impossible to find the credit card processing solutions they deserve. Instabill’s internet merchant account solutions are custom to the merchant, specially designed to meet the needs of any qualifying merchant, regardless of risk level.

We Prefer a Conversation – Call Us Directly Today

Applying for a merchant account with Instabill is easy. Our application is free, quick to complete and merchants incur no fees unless they earn an approval and begin processing payments through their websites. While prospective merchants are free to click the button above to begin the approval process, we prefer to have a telephone conversation to find out more about your needs and whether Instabill has a payment processing solution for you.

As we specialize in businesses that are hard-to-place and carry significant risk, contingent on your credit card processing history, we’re confident we have your solution.

High Risk Merchants Welcome

We’d never go as far to say it’s more difficult to obtain a high risk merchant account than it was five years ago, but some banks are lukewarm at the prospect of boarding high risk businesses. We’ve also seen acquiring banks, with little notice, cease boarding certain high risk industries, leaving merchants scrambling to find another solution. Many acquiring banks and credit card processors put high risk merchants at an unfair advantage when it comes to providing merchant accounts.

Instabill, however, is proud to work with high risk businesses and startups to deliver completely the solutions they need. Our internet merchant accounts can easily be customized into high risk merchant accounts for businesses who fall under that category.

Check out our accepted industry list.

Instabill has been providing high risk merchant services since 2001 and has expanded to more than 70 industries behind partnerships with domestic, offshore, and international acquiring banks.

Multi-Currency Processing

Depending on your qualifications and the needs of your business, your merchant account could be able to collect customer payments in different currencies. Our online merchant accounts can accept payments in US dollars, British pounds, euros, and other popular currencies around the globe. Additionally, you could be able to accept payments from the world’s most popular credit card brands like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and others.

Secure Payment Gateway

Upon approval of your internet merchant account, your website will be integrated with the Instabill payment gateway. Our PCI compliant gateway will ensure that payments submitted through your site are processed and stored securely. As an added benefit, our in-house tech team will handle the payment gateway integration free of charge.

Live Support When You Need It

At Instabill, we don’t believe in making clients jump through hoops in order to get the support they need. Whether it’s a technical issue or a question about payment processing services, our representatives will be available through phone or live web chat. Feel free to contact us anytime with your concerns or questions.