Merchant Account Fees: Affordable and Competitive

Merchant account fees with Instabill

Merchant Account Fees: Affordable and Competitive for Retail and Online Businesses

There are many factors that acquiring banks take into consideration to determine your merchant account fees.

Despite this, every merchant is different, and an exact dollar amount cannot be determined until we can learn about your business. More important, we do not charge merchant fees until you receive an approval from the acquiring bank with which we select for your business.

In five minutes, we can pre-qualify you over the phone. This will also guarantee that we don’t waste any of your valuable time. Some factors that help determine your merchant account fees include:

  • Industry type
  • Processing history
  • Expected sales volume

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How to Determine Merchant Account Fees

When searching for merchant services, figuring out the merchant account fees can become overwhelming. Some payment processors might attempt to sell you on a low discount rate and lead you on without even knowing your name.

At Instabill, we take the time to get to know you and your business so we can deliver the best possible credit card processing solution and let you know exactly what you will have to pay and when.

For a more specific estimate of merchant service rates you may have to pay, contact one of our live merchant account managers today by calling 1-800-318-2713.

What Can I Expect to Pay For?

With an e-commerce merchant account, you can expect to pay the following fees and costs:

  • Merchant Account Fee
  • Transaction Fee
  • Discount Rate
  • Merchant Account Registration Fee
  • Monthly Statement Fee
  • Chargeback Fee
  • Refund Fee

If you are uncertain of any merchant service rates listed in your bank’s terms and conditions, be sure to ask before signing and returning your contract.

When Will I Receive Payouts?

Based on your processing history, you can receive payouts:

  • Daily, three days in arrears
  • Weekly, one week in arrears
  • Weekly, two weeks in arrears

Your acquiring bank will determine your payout schedule. You will receive payouts from your acquiring bank via wire transfer to the bank of your choice. Payouts are available in 18 major currencies.

What is a Rolling Reserve Fund?

The rolling reserve fund* is a small amount of money that the bank holds against your payment processing to cover contingencies, such as chargebacks and refunds. The reserve is a fixed percentage amount based on your weekly sales volume, usually between 5-10%. Your acquiring bank will place the money into a rolling reserve fund, and six months later, you’ll receive a payout of these funds. (See the chart below.) While most US banks do not require a rolling reserve fund, many offshore acquiring banks do.

Processing WeekSales VolumeAmount WithheldPayout Week and Amount
January 2-8$10,000$1,000July 2-8 for $1,000
January 9-15$15,000$1,500July 9-15 for $1,500
January 16-22$20,000$2,000July 16-22 for $2,000

*Please note that the rolling reserve fund only applies to high risk, international and third party merchant accounts.

What Types of Merchant Accounts Do You Provide?

Instabill offers a variety of merchant accounts to many businesses processing card-not-present transactions, including the following:

Contact us online or call us toll-free at 1-800-318-2713 to figure out what type of merchant account is best for your business.

What Credit Cards Can I Accept

With an Instabill merchant account, you can accept all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, China UnionPay, UK Maestro, Discover, American Express, JCB International, and Diners Club.

What Currencies Can I Accept?

Your business will connect with the payment gateway of the acquiring bank with which we match your business.

Our acquiring banking partners recognize most every currency including US, Canadian and Australian dollars, Euros, Great Britain pounds, Japanese yen, Swiss franc, Scandinavian krona, and Indian rupee.

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