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Travel merchant accounts by Instabill

Travel Merchant Accounts: Payment Processing Solutions

Accept Credit Card Payments on Your Travel Website

The travel industry never seems to be out of demand. People always want to travel, with millions upon millions of families vacationing every year. However, travel isn’t always cheap, and many consumers spend a great deal of time browsing travel agencies and websites looking for the best deals. If you own a travel business, apply for one of Instabill’s travel merchant accounts to find fast and reliable credit card processing solutions.

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Multi-Currency processing

With Instabill merchant accounts, you can accept payments in multiple currencies. Depending on your qualifications and business details, you may have the ability to receive payments from credit cards all over the world. Approved merchants can accept US dollars, British pounds, euros and more.

High risk merchants welcome

At Instabill, we pride ourselves on being able to work with as many merchants as possible. Our wide range of offshore acquiring bank partners allows us to work with many high risk merchants and deliver them similarly great credit card processing solutions as low and medium risk merchants. To learn more, visit our High Risk Merchant Accounts page.

Multiple Business types welcome

The travel industry is large and includes many other smaller industries that may fall into the category of travel. However, Instabill delivers customizable solutions for qualified merchants, meaning we can work with a number of different business types. These include:

Payment Gateway Integration

Payment gateway integration can be a confusing and highly technical process. With Instabill, your acquiring banking partner will connect your website with its secure payment gateway, after which you can begin accepting credit card payments online.