E-Cigarette Risks Deemed Misleading

E-Cigarette Risks Deemed Misleading

E-Cigarettes have been becoming increasingly popular in multiple countries around the world. As a battery-powered nicotine vapor delivery device, e-cigarettes are favored as a safer alternative to traditional tobacco products. However, institutions such as the World Health Organization have been quick to criticize the devices, even going so far as to say they pose a threat to public health. However, a team of researchers in London has recently stated that these e-cigarette risks are largely misleading, and that the products could potentially save lives.

What are the E-Cigarette Risks?

Many health experts claim that e-cigarettes are dangerous because of the batteries that power them, while others insist that the aesthetics of the devices mimic actual smoking too closely. The latter risk is of the most concern, causing anti-smoking groups to denounce the products and claim that they will actually cause more people to smoke actual cigarettes.

However, other experts are claiming that this is simply not true. BBC News reports that a team at University College London has determined that for every million smokers who switch to e-cigarettes, as many as 6,000 lives could be saved each year. While this is just a theory (substantial and factual studies are currently underway), it is another step in the direction of eliminating false e-cigarette risks.

What Will Happen to the E-Cigarette Industry?

Currently, the e-cigarette industry is still booming worldwide. Many former smokers have switched to electronic cigarettes, and are hailing the devices as a much healthier alternative and more cost efficient. Proponents of e-cigarettes are pushing for general acceptance of the products, since they merely produce a dissolvable scentless water vapor without the harmful toxins in cigarettes.

But more and more government agencies are putting restrictions on e-cigarettes, merely because there aren’t any studies that prove they are a healthier option. Currently, local, state and federal governments are placing very basic restrictions on the devices, such as requiring they be sold behind the counter and only to adults.

These light restrictions have not done much to stop e-cigarettes, however. Proponents still outweigh opponents, and millions of devices are being sold worldwide.

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