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Merchant services by Instabill

Who We Are

Located in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA, Instabill provides cost-effective and reliable merchant services that help e-commerce businesses succeed and expand their online presence. In 2001, Founder and CEO Jason Field established the company to assist merchants in obtaining high risk and offshore credit card processing solutions. Today, Instabill is one of the industry’s leading high risk merchant account providers for not only e-commerce businesses, but also for MOTO and retail businesses.

What We Do

With more than 15 years experience in the payments industry, our goal is to provide our clients with fast, reliable and secure merchant services that will empower them to grow and succeed. This includes a variety of credit card processing options, merchant account solutions, and a PCI compliant payment gateway. Click on the name of each section to expand and learn more about our merchant services.

Merchant Account Specialists

Above all, Instabill merchant account specialists serve as consultants for the life of the account. In addition to finding the best solutions for your business, we perform background checks and due diligence on all inquiring merchants to ensure that our clients are legal, legitimate and compliant.

High Quality Merchant Account Solutions

For more than a decade, CEO Jason Field has been building our network of trusted acquiring banks, enabling us to provide a variety of offshore and high risk merchant account solutions in a wide range of industries such as debt collection, travel agencies, PPI claims, nutraceuticals and dating websites. Learn more about our merchant services.

Risk Management

Fraud prevention is another top priority at Instabill. Our risk management experts teach you how to prevent chargebacks as well as dispute them, provide you with tips on how to spot credit card fraud, and even make phone calls to ensure your customers’ satisfaction. We feel it is our duty to help you reduce your risk with fraudulent customers.

Payment Gateway Integration

From the United States, UK, and Australia to Hong Kong, India and Panama, Instabill’s PCI compliant payment gateway serves businesses worldwide. Our international payment gateway is user-friendly and makes managing online transactions a breeze. For qualifying MOTO merchants, we offer our free virtual terminal, allowing you to accept credit card transactions over the phone or via mail order.

See what our clients are saying

Here at Instabill, we have built our reputation and success on the highest standards of business ethics, and we have the satisfied merchants to show it.

“I would first like to thank you and Instabill for the excellent service you currently provide my company. The customer service is great and payments are always on time. This permits us to have a good business relationship. We have been working together now for one year and our processing traffic is very clean, very consistent, free of chargebacks, and refunds are rare.” 
—Dorian, satisfied merchant

“Thanks so much! You’re still here for answering and solving my problems . . . Don’t know how to thank you as much as you deserve. The success of our company could be your trophy in a near future.” 
—Stephanie, gaming merchant

“I appreciate you giving us the opportunity to establish a credit card processing history. You’ve been great with following up and keeping us informed, which we also appreciate!”
—Cindy, travel merchant

There are hundreds more satisfied merchants just like Dorian, Stephanie, and Cindy. Not fully convinced? Read more testimonials today.

Start Processing Credit Cards Online with Instabill

To learn more about how Instabill matches businesses with their ideal merchant services solutions, contact us online or call us at 1-800-318-2713. Our expert merchant account managers are here to help you.