Medical Collections Merchant Accounts

Medical collections merchant accounts by Instabill

Medical Collections Merchant Accounts: Credit Card Processing Solutions

Online Merchant Accounts for Businesses Worldwide

Instabill has been providing high-quality merchant accounts for e-commerce businesses worldwide since 2001. With our network of offshore and domestic acquiring bank partners, we can provide credit card processing solutions for almost any qualifying merchant. With our medical collections merchant accounts, you will be able to accept credit card payments online through your own website in as little as 3-4 days.

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Our online merchant account application is free to save you time and money. If you operate a medical collections website and you require fast merchant services, we have a solution for you. Contact us online today to get in touch with a merchant account manager.

Additionally, we offer debt consolidation merchant accounts and other collection agency merchant accounts.

ACH Processing and Check Solutions for Medical Collections

If you operate a website to collect payments for medical bills, ACH processing may come in handy. We offer ACH payment processing for electronic checks. ACH allows merchants to process checks in large batches, eliminating the need for stacks of paper checks. Benefits of accepting electronic checks include:

  • Saving customers money on postage, saving you money on processing fees
  • Quick access to funds, allowing you to process within hours
  • Setting up recurring billing payments

Easy Merchant Account Application

Our merchant account application is easy to complete and is sent straight to our team of merchant account specialists. Qualifying merchants may only have to wait one to two business days for approval from a bank. With free payment gateway integration and other free support services, you can start processing payments in under a week.

Integrate with Your Acquiring Bank’s Payment Gateway

With a medical collections merchant account from Instabill, you won’t have to worry about complicated payment gateway integration. Your new acquiring bank will integrate your website with its secure payment gateway, enabling you to begin accepting transactions through your website.