Credit Repair Merchant Accounts

Credit repair merchant account by Instabill

Don’t Let Bad Credit Scores Get in the Way of Success

Credit Repair Merchant Account Services

Domestic acquiring banks often deny merchant account applications due to the high risk of fraud associated with the credit repair industry. However, finding an affordable and reliable high risk credit card processing solution is no longer an obstacle. Our offshore acquiring banking partners evaluate your business based on just that—your business! With a credit repair merchant account from Instabill can have you accepting credit cards online in as little as one week.

Credit Card Types We Can Process

With a domestic credit repair merchant account, merchants have the ability to accept the four major credit card brands: Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. However, offshore and international credit repair merchant accounts are generally limited to Visa and MasterCard only.

Payment Gateway for Credit Repair Businesses

The Instabill payment gateway supports more than 160 currencies, including US and Canadian dollars, Great Britain pounds, and euros, allowing you to accept payments in your clients’ local currency. Our PCI-compliant payment gateway also supports large ticket transactions and real-time credit card processing enabling merchants to receive instant notification of transaction approval or denial.

Virtual Terminal Access

Qualifying merchants will receive free access to a virtual terminal with their new acquiring bank. Merchants can accept credit cards over the phone or by mail order and manually enter the credit card information right into the gateway. Merchants are free to allow multiple virtual terminal users who have limited access to your payment gateway to maximize call center productivity.

Credit Repair Merchant Account Packages and Payouts

When applying for a credit repair merchant accounts, please submit the following documents so we can quickly process your service request:

  • Merchant Account Application
  • Personal Résumé or CV
  • Photo ID or Passport
  • Personal Utility Bill
  • Business/Marketing Plan
  • Processing History — Last 3 Months
  • Processing Bank
  • Suppliers Agreement
  • Personal Bank Statements — Last 3 Months
  • Personal Bank Reference Letter
  • Business Bank Statements — Last 3 Months
  • Incorporation/Sole Proprietor Documentation
  • Articles/Memorandum of Association
  • Screenshot of Website Administration Page

You will receive payouts daily (three days in arrears) or weekly (one or two weeks in arrears) based on the strength of your application package.

Merchant Account Fees for Credit Repair Merchants

Credit repair merchants processing payments with Instabill benefit from competitive, affordable merchant account fees. After approval from the acquiring bank with which we match you, your merchant account fees will be determined based on the strength and risk level of your business. Although banks determine fees on a case-by-case basis, call us today for a free estimate at 1-800-318-2713.