Merchant Panel Statistics Page

How to view your merchant panel statistics page by Instabill

Viewing Your Sales on the Merchant Panel Statistics Page

Filter transactions, watch viewer trends

As part of Instabill’s interactive merchant panel, the merchant panel statistics page provides another useful tool for MOTO merchants running an online business. As a merchant user, you have the ability to filter your transactions and view specific entries based on search criteria you enter. The displayed data gives you information about your credit card processing history without having to crunch the numbers manually.

Using the Merchant Panel Statistics Page

Once you log in to the merchant panel, you can access the merchant panel statistics page right from the main page. After selecting your Merchant ID (MID), you can begin viewing transaction data. Using a number of filters and search tools, you can organize and view the specific details of customer transactions. You can view results by:

  • Timeframe
  • Transaction Type
  • Transaction Volume
  • Declines
  • Refunds
  • Chargebacks

For most transactions, merchants can display the volume and the total number of cleared transactions during a particular period. For example, if you’ve successfully captured (CP) two approved pre-authorizations (PA) for $199.99 each in the searched timeframe, then your total volume will display as $399.98 (All transactions using the same MID and currency will appear on the same row).

Conversely, two transactions using the same MID but different processing currencies will appear separately. A different line item will appear for every currency in which you process, even if there are no available transactions for the searched timeframe. If you process payments in AUD, but there are no search results, a row will appear listing the MID and AUD, but zero transactions and zero volume.

View Other Helpful Resources

In addition to the merchant panel statistics page, Instabill features a number of different tools for qualifying merchants to use for free. Click the links below to learn more.

About Instabill

Instabill is a global merchant services provider based in the United States. Part of our extensive catalog of credit card processing services are MOTO merchant accounts—perfectly designed for merchants who need to manually enter their customer’s payment information. Upon qualification, you will have access to Instabill’s free merchant panel tool, a useful web application that will help you to run your business and accept payments easily and efficiently. To apply for a merchant account, simply contact us online today.