Merchant Panel

Virtual terminal solutions with a merchant panel by Instabill

Instabill Merchant Panel: Viewing Your Transactions

Secure, fast and easy credit card processing

The PCI-compliant Instabill Payment Gateway makes credit card processing secure, fast, and easy with our user-friendly Merchant Panel. As a merchant user, this is the part of the Instabill Payment Gateway that you see and use. The primary features of the Merchant Panel include:

  • Transaction Page: This feature allows merchants to view your transactions and export them into a spreadsheet for easier analysis.
  • Statistics Page: Merchant users can filter and view specific transactions by entering criteria in the search field, including timeframe, transaction type, volume, declines, refunds, and chargebacks.
  • Virtual Terminal: The Virtual Terminal allows mail order/telephone order [MOTO] merchants to accept credit cards without a website by manually entering cardholder information.
  • User Management Interface: Primary merchant users can add and delete operators with different levels of access so more than one person can be logged into the Merchant Panel at a time.

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