Fraud Prevention

Fraud prevention techniques by Instabill

How Instabill Helps With Fraud Prevention

Naturally, you want to feel comfortable and confident that your payment gateway is protecting your business from merchant account fraud and credit card scams. Instabill uses fraud prevention procedures to ensure the security of your credit card transactions. Our top priority is to protect our merchants, banking partners, and cardholders. We operate a first-class customer support and risk management call center–and we always answer your phone calls, emails, and online inquiries.

Other techniques Instabill uses to prevent fraud:

  • AVS checks
  • Customer blocking
  • Historical fraudulent customer database
  • 3D Secure
  • Telephone order verification

Comprehensive fraud screening system with MaxMind

Traditional fraud prevention services detect fraudulent activity by comparing the entered cardholder information against the information already on file. With today’s sophisticated fraud and scam techniques, that’s not good enough.

Instabill understands the importance of keeping your business and your customers safe. This is why we offer the best online fraud protection system for our merchant accounts with MaxMind–a renowned industry leader in online fraud protection. MaxMind’s comprehensive checklist works to identify the purchaser as the legitimate cardholder. Through years of research and analysis, they can easily spot traits and patterns associated with credit card fraud.

Key features of MaxMind include:

  • Post-query analysis
  • Access to the minFraud Network
  • High risk IP address and email check
  • Geographical IP address location check

Red flag signs of credit card fraud

Pre-Authorization/Capture transactions add an extra layer of security. Being able to view your customers’ transactions before capturing them allows you to screen their information. For example, if you see five low-cost purchases all from the same credit card, then you can cancel the order if you think it might be fraudulent–without the hassle of chargebacks or refunds. Additional red flag signs of fraud:

  • Orders for multiple items
  • Purchases that include large ticket items
  • Shipping address that differs from the billing address
  • Customer instructions that ask to leave the package at the door

With the Instabill Payment Gateway, protecting your business against credit card scams and fraud is a breeze. For more information about fraud protection or how to apply for an Instabill merchant account, call us at +1 800-318-2713 or contact us online today.