How to View Your Merchant Panel Transaction Page

View your merchant panel transaction page with Instabill

How to View Your Merchant Panel Transaction Page

See and sort transactions and key trends

When you qualify for one of Instabill’s MOTO merchant accounts, you will have immediate access to the easy-to-use merchant panel. Among the merchant panel’s tools, the Transaction Page gives merchants valuable insight to orders and customer data. With a simple web login and easy export capabilities, the Transactions Page and the rest of the merchant panel can help you run your business more easily.

How it Works

The Transaction Page is a comprehensive tool designed to supply you with information about who makes purchases with your company. With the Transaction Page you will have access to:

  • PAY-ID–the transaction’s identification number
  • Customer’s name and email address
  • Currency the customer paid in
  • Date of the transaction
  • Amount of the transaction
  • Action–transaction type

Simply log in to the merchant panel to access the Transaction Page. From there, you can view transaction data over selected time periods.

Exporting Data From the Transactions Page

The Transaction Page allows you to export the data listed above to keep for your own records. You will find two buttons to the top-right of the transactions list—one to save the spreadsheet as a CSV, and another to save it as a sheet in Microsoft Excel. To create a spreadsheet, all you have to do is click the button for the file format you prefer, and save the file to your computer.

Types of Data

There are two basic types of credit card transactions: a sales transaction and a pre-authorization/capture transaction. Both start with a customer submitting an order. However, approved sales always end in the customers’ funds transferring to your account, while pre-authorization/capture can end with the merchant either canceling or capturing the transaction.

Transaction TypeWhat is it?AdvantagesDisadvantages
Sales (SA)Merchants can quickly process a transaction in one step.This type of transaction saves the merchant time.Customers may change their mind about a purchase, and the merchant must submit a refund. Merchants are unable to screen customer information or check their inventory.
Pre-Authorization (PA)First step of the PA/CP transaction. The bank checks to see if the customer has sufficient funds for the purchase.PA allows the merchant to cancel or capture the transaction within five days of the customer placing the order. In this time, merchants can check their inventory, screen customers’ information, and decide if they want to capture or cancel the transaction.PA/CP requires more steps than SA, taking more time out of a merchant’s busy day. If you do not capture or cancel the transaction, Instabill’s banks automatically cancel the transaction after two weeks. For this reason, capturing or canceling within five days is very important.
Capture (CP)Second step of the PA/CP transaction. Merchants decide if they want to cancel or capture the transaction.CP gives the merchant the option to cancel the transaction without their payment processor charging them for a refund or chargeback.

Do you need more information about the Transaction Page, merchant panel, or another one of our merchant services? You can contact us today to learn more about our merchant accounts and how you can qualify for credit card processing solutions. Call 1-800-318-2713 to speak with a live representative today.