Benefits of Joining the Instabill Partner Program

Benefits of Joining the Instabill Partner Program

Here at Instabill, not only do we work directly with merchants, but we also work with a large network of affiliates who have joined the Instabill Partner Program. Our partners range from other processors and ISOs to business consultants and merchants who know other merchants looking for credit card processing solutions.

As a merchant account manager, I definitely benefit from working with our partners. They connect me to merchants whom I may not have met otherwise. However, there are also several benefits of joining the Instabill Partner Program.

  1. There are two different levels of our Partner Program: resellers and referrers. Resellers send us entire application packages and earn 50% commission for the life of each approved merchant account. Referrers send us leads and earn 30% for the life of each approved merchant account.
  2. There are numerous ways to submit application packages and leads. The most common way to submit an application package is by emailing it to your merchant account manager. You can also email packages to [email protected] or fax them to +1 603-436-1207. To refer a lead, you can also email it to your merchant account manager or [email protected], or you can simply give us a call with the merchant’s information.
  3. As an added bonus, we can even host a co-branded page for you. The co-branded page will be on Instabill’s website, but with your brand’s logo. When your merchant submits the sign-up form, you will automatically receive credit for the lead.
  4. There are no monthly minimums or maximums to join our Partner Program. Send us five, send us 15, or send us 50 leads or application packages a month. We understand that as a partner, you have other work to do, so you are free to send us as few or as many leads per month as you wish. We love working with you either way!
  5. You will have so many solutions right at your fingertips. Instabill originally began as a high risk merchant account provider. More than 10 years later, we now have the following types of solutions.


Along with our wide variety of merchant accounts, we also have credit card processing solutions for virtually every legal business. Some of our most popular industries include adult entertainment, online casinos and gambling, tech support, licensed pharmacies, dating websites, payday loans, and penny auctions. Check out or extensive list of e-commerce industries.

Have I convinced you to join the Instabill Partner Program yet? No? How about this: It is completely FREE to join! Contact us online or give us a call toll-free at 1-800-318-2713 for your Partner Program application today.

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