Fast Approval for Adult Merchant Accounts

Fast Approval for Adult Merchant Accounts

I have been working with Instabill for almost a year and I feel like it is more enjoyable than ever. The different channels I have available to communicate with merchants and answer their questions makes the journey of connecting them with the best payment processor fun and exciting.

Typically, most of our merchants inquire about our credit card processing services through our website—whether they submit a contact form, email form, or use our Live Chat services. However, we also have partners worldwide who connect us with merchants who need to accept credit cards online.

By looking at the merchant’s URL and having a conversation with them, I’m able to personalize the relationship with both merchant and partner. What makes our team of merchant account managers unique is how simple it is to board high risk merchants after conducting a rigorous underwriting process. By reviewing the merchant’s monthly processing volume, processing history, industry type, and other features of their business, I can easily match them with an acquiring bank.

Many high risk merchants apply to numerous acquiring banks and waste time filling out multiple merchant account applications. With Instabill, we have a large network of acquiring banks that allow us to work with virtually every legal business type. You fill out one application, and we do the rest.

I love working with merchants in the adult industry. Not because of the sites’ content (come on, I’m a professional!), but because getting accounts approved for adult merchants is fast and easy. Most of my adult merchants are young men and women who own startup adult websites, and I’ve been able to get them an adult merchant account in as little as two business days.

You’re probably wondering why I can so easily board a startup merchant with no processing history. Well, it’s simple. Not all acquiring banks require the same underwriting documents, and some even love to work with startup businesses with great potential. The underwriting documents required by our banking partner that issues adult merchant accounts include:

  • Instabill application
  • Government photo ID
  • Business plan
  • Recent bank statements
  • Corporate documents
  • Personal utility bill


So, if you are looking for an adult merchant account for your new or existing adult website, contact us online today. We can have you up and accepting credit cards online in no time!

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