Tech Support Merchant Accounts for Indian Startups

Tech Support Merchant Accounts for Indian Startups

India has been in the news left and right this year and for good reason too. The country’s e-commerce industry is taking flight—and Indian students studying abroad are flying home after graduation. In fact, startup businesses are the primary role in India’s e-commerce boom. According to, “Venture Capital firms have invested $363 million across 100 deals in India during the six months ending June 2012.” One industry that has benefited most from the investments includes online apparel merchants.

However, online apparel stores are not the only industry aiding India’s e-commerce market. New tech support companies are also developing and Instabill is doing its part to help them grow.We provide Indian merchants with reliable, affordable, and secure tech support merchant accounts and credit card processing services.

  • In-Home PC Repair
  • Online Tech Support
  • B2B PC Repair
  • Software Support
  • PC Security
  • Virus Removal


Whether you are an existing or startup business, you can find a customized Internet credit card processing solution with us. As a tech support merchant remotely fixing computers around the globe, you can process credit cards in more than 160 currencies and receive payouts in 18 major currencies. You can also accept transactions from major credit cards like Visa and MasterCard.

For MOTO merchants in the tech support industry, you may even qualify for our FREE virtual terminal—a necessary tool to operate a successful call center. With an Instabill payment gateway account, you will benefit from our built-in virtual terminal so you can accept credit cards over the phone. You will also be able to create multiple users so your call center operators can maximize productivity and sales.

Visit our Tech Support Merchant Accounts page now to learn about our chargeback mitigation plan as well as how you can apply for your own tech support merchant account. We look forward to helping you grow your business and accept credit cards online!

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