History of Instabill

History of Instabill: Offshore and high risk merchant accounts

The History of Instabill: Offshore, High-Risk Merchant Accounts

Instabill was founded in 2001 to meet the emerging needs of merchants worldwide to establish diverse and secure internet merchant accounts. Founder and CEO Jason Field launched the company in his native London, England as E-Commerce Services UK, to assist merchants in obtaining high-risk and offshore credit card processing solutions. He and his staff of four began with little more than 20 merchant accounts and two acquiring banks but doubled those numbers after one year.

Mr. Field relocated Instabill to Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA, in 2006, and rebuilt the company structure with a commitment to consistent growth.

Instabill Present: Focusing on a Variety of Merchant Accounts

Though the history of Instabill is that of high-risk international merchant accounts, Instabill now serves as the payment gateway for a number of domestic and medium/low-risk merchant accounts in addition to its list of high-risk merchant accounts. Instabill utilizes more than 15 acquiring banks, many of which in the U.S., and pairs merchants with the best banking options possible. Instabill’s network of acquiring banks has grown substantially over the last five years and provides a variety of merchant account solutions in over 50 industries.

Through our network of diverse websites, Instabill connects with global merchants of all types. Instabill merchant account specialists oversee high-risk and medium/low risk merchant accounts in industries ranging from travel, online retail, stock trading, online pharmaceuticals, online gaming and many more. Among them include:

Instabill Future: Merchant Services Professionals
Committed to the Life of the Account

Instabill CEO Jason Field and his staff of merchant account professionals continue to monitor the latest trends in electronic transactions and are committed to remaining on the cutting edge of the industry. Each year, Instabill staff members attend several conferences and tradeshows worldwide, underscoring its commitment to remaining informed on industry trends and innovations.

Instabill currently employs nearly 20 professionals including merchant account specialists, partner relations managers, copywriters and web services experts. Today, Instabill is one of the credit card processing industry’s leading merchant account providers not only for e-commerce businesses but for mail order/telephone order (MOTO) and retail businesses.