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Escort Merchant Accounts: Read About our Offshore Banking Solutions

Instabill Has a Long History of Quality High Risk Payment Processing Solutions

Instabill has been in the high risk space since the dawn of e-commerce. We aim to be the best high risk merchant account provider there is.

Good merchant services can be hard to find, but Instabill offers escort merchant accounts customized around your business. Simply click below to get started today.

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Applying for an escort merchant account with Instabill is easy and takes just minutes to complete. Get started now by clicking the button above or feel free to contact a live merchant account manager today by calling 1-800-318-2713.

How do I get an escort merchant account?

With a number of offshore banking solutions that offer fast approvals, Instabill has offshore merchant account solutions for escort merchants–those with processing history and startups:

Offshore Adult Merchant Accounts (with payment processing history):

  • Send us 3-6 months of payment processing statements with company name showing total sales, refunds/returns and chargebacks.
  • 3 months of business banking statements
  • Approvals: 5 business days to two weeks

Offshore Startup Adult Merchant Accounts

  • Three months of business banking statements or a business bank letter
  • If no business banking statements or banking letter, w’ll need three months of personal banking statements
  • Approvals: 5 business days to 2 weeks

Escort merchant account approval timetable

The time it takes for escort merchant account approvals is contingent with several things such as type of solution we offer, merchant’s processing history, location/country where the business is registered.

Here, we offer our best estimate:

  • Offshore escort merchant account with payment processing history: 5 business days to 2 weeks.
  • Offshore startup escort merchant accounts: 10 business days to 2 weeks.

Escort merchant account fees

The fees charged by Instabill and the banking partner with which we match your business depend on several factors: The merchant’s processing history, type of industry (high or low risk), sales volume and rate of chargebacks to name a few. Instabill charges no fees until your merchant account is approved by the acquiring bank with which we match your business.

Each merchant account is different, but typical fees include:

  • Chargeback Fee
  • Discount Rate
  • Merchant Account Fee
  • Merchant Account Registration Fee
  • Monthly Statement Fe
  • Refund Fee
  • Transaction Fee

Why are escort merchants considered high risk?

Escort merchants are considered high risk mainly because of its industry type. Many banks are leery in offering payment processing solutions for escort businesses because of reputational concerns and high chargeback rates.

An offshore or international banking solution is an escort merchant’s best payment option. Offshore and international banks tend to be more liberal when judging industries; offer generous volume caps; and weekly payouts.

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