Low Risk Merchant Account Solutions

Low risk merchant account solutions with Instabill

Reliable Processing Solutions With Low Risk Merchant Account Options

Fast Approvals for Low Risk Businesses

 What are you looking for in a low risk merchant account?

  • Affordability
  • Point of Sale and E-Commerce Solutions
  • Fast approval
  • All Major Credit Cards

Not only does Instabill offer low risk merchant account solutions with each of the above, but it does so with first class customer support. We’ve been servicing e-commerce and point-of-sale (POS) merchants – as well as mail-order/telephone (MOTO) merchants – worldwide since 2001.

Through our wide range of acquiring bank partners, Instabill delivers customizable payment processing solutions that can have your business accept credit cards within days.

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5 Characteristics of a Low Risk Merchant Account

In the world of payment processing, there are low risk merchants, medium risk merchants, and high risk merchants. Risk level is determined by several factors: industry type, processing history, country of incorporation and more. To qualify for low risk merchant accounts, your business will fit the following description:

  • You process less than $20,000 per month
  • Your average ticket size is less than $50
  • Zero to low chargeback ratio
  • You operate within a low risk industry
  • You are incorporated in a low risk country

Examples of Low Risk Merchant Accounts

Online apparel

Office supplies

Health & beauty products

Books, CDs, DVDs

Pet supplies

Household goods

Parking garages

Moving companies

Auto parts

Online and Retail Merchant Accounts

By signing on with Instabill for an online retail merchant account, merchants can benefit from a generous monthly processing limit, enabling you to watch your business grow. Check out our online retail merchant account page as well as our US merchant services site.

Mobile EMV POS Solution

In February 2016, Instabill announced a new mobile EMV POS solution, enabling for merchants to process credit card transactions securely while on the go, whether it be a trade show, exhibition or flea market.