'Vape' Named Word of the Year

'Vape' Named Word of the Year

As the popularity of e-cigarettes continues to increase, so does the unique terminology and slang that drives the industry. Words like e-cig and e-juice are quite common among smoke and paraphernalia shops, but one term in particular defines and represents the e-cigarette movement–vape. Oxford Dictionaries has recently announced that ‘vape’ is their Word of the Year for 2014, bringing e-cigarettes further into the mainstream.

What is an E-Cigarette?

E-Cigarettes are electronic devices used as a nicotine delivery system. In place of traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes are flameless and produce a clean water vapor to carry the nicotine. Over the past few years, the devices have grown increasingly popular in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

Heralded as a cleaner, safer way to consume nicotine, e-cigarettes are noted for their additive-free nicotine and odorless vapor. Run by a tiny battery, the device heats up flavored water mixed with nicotine, producing a vapor. The user inhales the water vapor, and exhales it just like a traditional cigarette. However, the vapor dissipates in seconds.

What Does ‘Vape’ Mean?

Vape is a verb, with its definition loosely defined as, “to use an e-cigarette.” Think of it as the word smoke related to tobacco products. Users and merchants coined the term to differentiate e-cigarettes from traditional ones, since the two products were often seen as the same. This helped move the e-cigarette industry further away from the bigger and often criticized tobacco industry, which continues to fight federal regulations and setbacks across the world.

It is not uncommon to see e-cigarette users vaping in public places across the world. Some even vape indoors. In many areas, the use of e-cigarettes is encouraged, as the devices are seen as a healthier alternative to smoking. While professional research has yet to be concluded, many experts believe that e-cigarettes pose far less of a threat to public health than traditional ones, and may even be more cost-efficient in the long run.

E-Cigarettes are Becoming More Popular

The e-cigarette industry has been on a hot streak recently. Over the past year, merchants selling e-cigarettes have doubled their profits, and that number is expected to continue rising into next year. Despite impending federal and state regulations, merchants are still finding it easy to produce and sell e-cigarettes. Important consumer groups include former smokers, who switch to the product for a healthier nicotine alternative. Some have even used e-cigarettes to quit nicotine entirely.

E-Cigarette Merchant Accounts

The word ‘vape’ becoming Word of the Year signals another rise in popularity for e-cigarettes. Now that vaping has become a household term, many people will be looking to buy e-cigarettes both online and in stores. If you have an e-cigarette business, now is the time to find the best e-cigarette merchant accounts to help you drive sales.

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