Managing Shopping Cart Abandonment in 5 Easy Steps

Managing Shopping Cart Abandonment in 5 Easy Steps

According to Baymard, a small independent web research institute, the average shopping cart abandonment rate is at 67%. There are many reasons why customers could be leaving your site before completing the sale and there are many ways to manage abandoned carts. Whether you want to prevent an abandoned cart or bring a lost customer back, these five steps will help you increase your bottom line.

Offer Competitive Pricing

One of the top reasons for shopping cart abandonment is price comparison. Perhaps Sally left your site because she wanted to check the prices of your competitors or maybe the website she viewed previously has better deals. Regardless, if you offer competitive prices and exceptional products, Sally will return to your website to complete the purchase or she will never leave in the first place.

Offer Free or Flat-Rate Shipping

There are many websites that provide free shipping services and many websites that provide inexpensive flat-rate shipping to make online shopping more affordable. If Sally wants to buy an expensive item from your e-commerce store, she will find $2 shipping much more attractive than $10 and will be more likely to complete the transaction.

Easy-to-Find Checkout Buttons

If your website is too busy, then your customers may completely overlook the checkout button and abandon their shopping carts. By making your checkout button easy to find, Sally can quickly complete her purchase without feeling overwhelmed or lost.

Send Email Reminders

Maybe Sally left your website because she had to leave in a hurry to pick up her son from school or maybe she lost Internet connection and forgot to complete her order once she reconnected her laptop. Sending email reminders regarding items left in a shopping cart will help you increase your sales and decrease your shopping cart abandonment rates. You can also include a coupon in your email reminder to catch Sally’s attention and enhance your chances of a successful transaction.

Retargeting Lost Visitors

One of the newest ways to attract customers is through retargeting—a marketing technique that provides a Google ad to customers who left your website without making a purchase. These ads appear on websites that are part of the Google AdWords Network and can focus on goods or services based on the last page a visitor viewed on your site. If Sally left your website from your Red Cashmere Turtleneck page, then this item could be the keyword in your retargeted Google ad. When Sally clicks on the ad, she will see the turtleneck she wants to buy still in her shopping cart.

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    Great information Stephanie! Thank you so much! I just started to send some automated emails to users who abandon the shopping cart using Retargeting trigger so far I`ve only done some tests but I`m sure that if I will apply your advices the results will be awesome.

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