Instabill to Showcase European Merchant Acquirer Solutions at EIG Berlin, eCom 21 Shows

Instabill to Showcase European Merchant Acquirer Solutions at EIG Berlin, eCom 21 Shows

European and offshore merchant acquirer solutions for high risk e-commerce businesses are out there, and we’ve got a few solutions we’d like to share.

That’s why Instabill is attending the EIG Expo in Berlin Oct. 30-Nov. 1, and eCom 21 in Riga, Latvia Nov. 16-17, to showcase its new European merchant acquirer solutions to agents, ISOs and competing payment service providers.

Both conferences will be attended by Instabill Founder and CEO Jason Field, who is scheduling meetings to discuss Instabill’s latest European merchant acquiring solutions and company registrations within the European Union.

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European Merchant Acquirer Solutions for High Risk Merchants

At Instabill, we believe the possibility of earning extra revenue should be pursued to the fullest. The key to moving forward in the payments industry is to forge partnerships with merchant acquirers and even competing payment service providers. Too often we’ll hear of or see a merchant who cannot find the acquiring bank solutions they need.

However, therein lies the beauty of high risk merchant services. It is unique in that as much as PSPs, such as Instabill, compete with one another, we also have opportunities help each other — and share the revenue.

True, many high risk industries — online dating, gambling, travel and subscription services — have become increasingly difficult for which to find secure payment solutions. Through partnering with Instabill, we can provide agents, ISOs and competing PSPs the merchant acquiring solutions they need to get high risk merchants accepting payments.

EU Business Registrations

Through a recent partnership, Instabill can help domestic and international merchants register their businesses within the EU by helping merchants obtain the following:

  • Finding an office location
  • Recruiting and hiring necessary staff, such as a director, administrative assistant or shareholder
  • Establish an office telephone
  • Open a bank account with an EU bank

About the EIG Expo

The Excellent in Gaming (EIG) Expo attracts more than 2,000 iGaming professionals from c-level executives to startups worldwide. The EIG Expo also offers plenty of discussion forums dedicated to new technology, use of intelligence and identifying emerging markets around the world.

About eCom 21

The largest e-commerce conference in the Baltic region with an expected 2,000-plus attendees, eCom 21 attracts a wide range of e-commerce players, offers plenty of networking opportunities and covers the latest issues with its expert-led driven curriculum. Instabill is making its first-ever appearance at the show.

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