Instabill Partnership Enables for Easy Company Registrations

Instabill Partnership Enables for Easy Company Registrations

Company registrations within the European Union have become increasingly difficult in recent years. Instabill has a rapid, convenient solution for such.

Through a recent partnership, Instabill can provide company registrations for e-commerce businesses in the UK and other countries in compliance with EU regulations. This new solution will especially appeal to:

  • Online merchants no longer compliant with their acquiring bank
  • International merchants who need to resume trade within the EU

“This solution is one-stop shopping for merchants who wish to register their online businesses in the UK and Europe,” said Karin Michel, Director of Finance at Instabill who has overseen company registrations overseas.

Necessary KYC Documents

Company Name

Company registration number

Type of company

Company address

Company Owner Details

Copy of current passport or driver’s license

Copy of recent home utility bill (less than 3 months old)

Company Products:

Full description of products/services being sold

Website URL

Customer Service contact (phone number, email)

Type of premises needed (Office/Warehouse/Storage)

Company registrations in 5 countries and regions

The UK is only one of the regions in which Instabill can secure EU-compliant company registrations. Through our partnership, merchants have the resources to register in:

  • Ireland
  • Gibraltar
  • Cyprus
  • Malta

What our company registration solution can do for your business

EU regulations now require, among other stipulations, that online businesses must have a physical presence in the country or region in which they register. Instabill can assist with that, along with several other requirements and optional services:

  • Arrange for a registered, physical office with necessary staff: A director (required in the UK) as well as a shareholder and administrative assistant
  • Office phone number with staff to field inquiries
  • An EU bank account
  • Payment of annual fees associated with registered office

Among the optional services Instabill can help provide include:

  • A shareholder and administrative assistant (alongside the director) in the registered office
  • Warehouse and storage facilities
  • Accounting services
  • Opening of additional bank accounts

Register your company in Europe through Instabill today

Merchants seeking company registrations in either of the five locations listed above are encouraged to speak with an Instabill merchant account manager directly at 1-800-530-2444.

To get started, all it takes is a quick conversation.

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