Adult Entertainment Industry Could Benefit from Playboy Transition

Adult Entertainment Industry Could Benefit from Playboy Transition

You may have heard about Playboy Magazine’s recent announcement regarding their transition away from featuring nude photos. While the news may initially come as a surprise at first, it is easy to see why the long-standing risqué publication has decided to change they way they do things; adult entertainment in print form has been in decline since the internet boom. But what’s in store for the adult entertainment industry now that the most storied and most popular brand within it is changing its ways?

1. Adult Entertainment Merchants Could See More Business

According for Forbes, Playboy’s subscribers went from 5 million in the 1970s to just 800,000 today. While Playboy has failed to attract customers from younger generations, and adult merchants already see a great deal of business from that demographic, the change in direction for the magazine could result in an older audience turning to e-commerce sources. Sites that offer video services in the form of monthly memberships may pick up on former Playboy customers who held subscriptions.

2. Other Publications Could Soon Follow

As mentioned above, adult magazines have failed to attract younger generations for a while now. With some going out of business or being bought out, the remaining magazines could follow in Playboy’s tracks.

This could result in the extinction of one industry, and the flourishing of another. Merchants who still sell physical adult entertainment goods may want to consider another direction in order to reach larger audiences. With the entire industry moving online, it might be worthwhile to consider streaming products or other forms of digital content consumption.

3. Magazine Subscription Merchants Should Take Note

The news isn’t all bad for Playboy. The magazine’s leadership indicates that the publication will be in better shape to compete with other titles thanks to the elimination of nude photos. Less suggestive content means two things for the magazine: more in-store shelf space and greater social media reach online.

Since Playboy will now be featured alongside similar publications like GQ, Men’s Health and more, magazine subscription merchants could take advantage of a brand new title to add to their catalogue.

The Right Move for Playboy?

Only the future will tell if this is a desperate move by an outdated publication to stay afloat in a digital age, or a smart transition that will ultimately generate more revenue and returning customers. However, adult entertainment merchants have something to gain from Playboy’s decision—more consumers looking for content, which many merchants already provide.

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