Welcome to the New Instabill.com

Welcome to the New Instabill.com

We assure you you’re in the right place. Indeed, we have a new look. And we love it.

Welcome to the new Instabill.com.

It was time for an upgrade. The last time Instabill.com went through a website redesign (other than our revamped front page in 2014) was some 10 years ago, give or take. We had many reasons why we wanted to revamp our site, not the least that it had been on our to-do list for some time.

We were looking for someone to spearhead the project, so when our own Stephanie Mann signed on with us in July as our Web Developer/Administrator, redesigning Instabill.com was at the top of her list.

We think she hit it out of the park, and here’s why:

4 Reasons We Were Sold on WordPress

After an extensive search of countless business websites by the marketing staff – most sites not affiliated with the payments industry – Ms. Mann presented a strong case for WordPress.

“One of the great things about WordPress is that it is constantly being improved, so using it means we’re going to stay on top of updates and new technology,” said Ms. Mann.

  • We loved the fresh, open look of Zephyr design. We also felt the Signica Negative font was the ideal match. If you haven’t noticed, front pages are getting taller, not wider, enticing viewers to scroll down.
  • WordPress is more customizable and user-friendly. We expect to constantly be adding content (blogs and new industry pages mostly) and updating pages each week. WordPress makes this easy.
  • We needed to be mobile friendly. Google announced in April that it would begin to penalize mobile-unfriendly websites in search rankings. Our front page had always been mobile friendly, but the rest of our site, not so much. Our partnership with WordPress solves that problem.
  • We’re relocating our blog back to our home site. For about a year, we utilized our satellite websites – Instabill.us, Instabill.org., Instabill.info, Instabill.net and ECS-World.com – for our blogs, as each site serves a different purpose or client. We will still blog on those sites periodically, but our breaking news will appear on Instabill.com.

Share Your Thoughts On the New Instabill.com!

We are certainly proud of the new Instabill.com, but we’re anxious to hear what you think. What do you like or dislike? What would change? Do you have a suggestion? By all means, leave a comment below.

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