8 eCommerce Myths Business Owners Often Believe

8 eCommerce Myths Business Owners Often Believe

Early in June, we blogged about e-commerce tips for starting an online business. Today we will discuss myths that surfaced regarding starting and maintaining eCommerce businesses. Some think that starting an eCommerce business is simple and will take their business globally within seconds. Unfortunately, as most of us know, this simply is not true. Below are eight eCommerce myths that business owners often believe.

1. Easy as Pie

Creating a website that enables customers to purchase goods might be easy if you have the correct technical skills, but creating a successful site is a whole other ball game. This eCommerce myth can lead start up businesses down the wrong path and in way over their heads. Do not underestimate the difficulty of operating an online business. You may not deal with customers face-to-face, but that does not mean your job will be easier.

2. Cheap as Dirt

Maintaining your own product pictures and descriptions can drastically reduce the costs of your eCommerce site. However, you still need to remember a variety of other expenses. Website hosting bills, transaction fees, and online marketing all cost money, which many business owners tend to overlook when planning an online business. Also, remember that is it unrealistic to run your business alone and employees will not work for free.

3. Simple Money Maker

Hopefully, this will not be an eCommerce myth. However, some merchants looking to go online will expect instant increases in their revenue. The reality is that starting an eCommerce business takes time, effort, money, and patience.

4. Traffic, Traffic, Traffic

In order to make money from your eCommerce store, you need people who not only want to buy your products but also can find your website. This is where you need to incorporate search engine optimization (SEO). Concentrating on your SEO will boost your position in Google’s organic search results for keywords that are important to your website. If your company shows up first on search engine results, more potential customers will visit your site.

5. A Cut above the Competition

One myth suggests that taking your business online levels the playing field between competitors. This might make sense when thinking in terms of location of your brick-and-mortar store, but the reality is you still need to think about location for your eCommerce business. Same as the last myth, if your business shows up first on Google’s organic search results, you will hopefully have more traffic than your competitors will and, therefore, more revenue.

6. Unnecessary Fraud Prevention

Out of all of the myths I found, this one is the most unbelievable. Fraud prevention is vital to your business, regardless of it being online or in a store. Fraud prevention keeps you safe from chargebacks and keeps your customers safe from identity theft. A proactive approach to fraud prevention will also help you build trust with your customers.

7. Ignoring Site Navigation

Some believe it is unimportant to address an unruly navigation menu. However, the usability of your website can make or break your business. If a customer cannot figure out how to find a product on your site, he or she will go to another site within minutes.

8. Cost is King

Although price helps determine whether a website visitor will purchase your goods or services, it is not the only deciding factor. If your site is difficult to use, your customer service is horrible, and you do not ship your goods as promised, then you will undoubtedly kiss your customers goodbye. A consumer will have no problem paying a little extra if a company will give him or her a great experience.

Share Your eCommerce Myths

Do not fall victim to these common eCommerce myths when running your own online business. What are myths have you heard about running an eCommerce business? Share them below!

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