High Volume Credit Card Processing Services

High Volume Credit Card Processing Services

High volume credit card processing can have several effects on your e-commerce business, including increasing your risk factor. Whether you want to process your online transactions through one merchant account or multiple merchant accounts, Instabill can help you process as many credit cards per month as you need. Below are some tips that can help you maximize profit without hurting your business.

Offshore High Volume Credit Card Processing

Local acquirers in the United States are capable of choosing their merchants’ volume caps—usually an amount that can stifle a business owner’s success. US merchant accounts are a wonderful option for businesses residing in the United States, but an offshore merchant account is the best option for high volume credit card processing.

With an offshore merchant account, you will benefit from extremely generous volume caps. Through one merchant account, you can easily process up to $500,000 per month. However, from our experience of working with some very successful merchants, we know that a $500,000 volume cap is not high enough. When you say high volume credit card processing, you mean high volume credit card processing.

Using Multiple Merchant Accounts to Process High Volumes

Consider this: You establish one merchant account with Instabill that has a $500,000 monthly processing limit. You establish a second merchant account with us that has another $500,000 monthly processing limit and can now process up to $1 million worth of credit card transactions per month. Now, you establish yet a third merchant account with us and can process up to $1.5 million per month.

However, processing $500,000 per month through one merchant account will deem your business as high risk. Fortunately, Instabill can help you establish multiple merchant accounts without hassle. We already have all of your documents on file and you already have an outstanding credit card processing history with us. The more MIDs you have, the more you can distribute your profits, and the more you lower your risk factor—not to mention, you should never put all of your eggs in one basket!

Website Security: Protecting Your Customers Private Data

With high volume credit card processing, protecting your servers from unwanted intrusions is of utmost importance. To hackers, your business is a candy store and they want to break in and steal all of your customers’ sweet, sweet credit card information.

As an entity collecting and storing credit card data, it is your legal responsibility to maintain PCI compliance. This includes obtaining an SSL certificate, installing and maintaining a firewall to protect cardholder data, and regularly testing security systems and processes. For more information about PCI compliance, visit our Fraud Protection page.

High Volume Credit Card Processing Services with Instabill

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