Instabill Knows Direct Response Merchant Services

Instabill Knows Direct Response Merchant Services

Our appearance at last week’s ERA D2C Convention may have been a first for Instabill, but we are veterans of direct response merchant services, having been in the business for 15 years. It is an industry for which we have many payment options and many features, and the D2C Show was an excellent platform to showcase them.

“We met a good mix of direct response merchants and partners, mostly on the infomercial side involving nutraceuticals and reoccurring billing,” said Instabill Sales Manager Wendy Jacques. “I think we will get quite a few new merchants and partners from it. We made some good connections.”

Now the Work Begins

As tradeshows go, it is all about preparation for us: We did our best to schedule as many meetings as we could. By our count, we spoke with more than 50 attendees – including tennis legend Boris Becker, stationed right across from us, representing Elite Magic Copper – in two days and gushed about our options:

Free Virtual Terminal

Qualifying merchants have the option of manually entering their MOTO transactions through our simple-to-use virtual terminal. Additionally, direct response merchants can track all statistics through our user management interface.

ACH and Recurring Billing

While many direct response businesses are subscription-based, Instabill has solutions for such. We offer ACH and Check 21 processing tailored around your model.

Partner With Us – Share the Revenue

It is often difficult to obtain banking privileges for high risk businesses. Instabill, however, has been operating in the high risk space for 15 years and welcomes referrals from agents, ISOs and PSPs. With each approved merchant account application, we’ll split the revenue as high as 50 percent.

Multiple Direct Response Merchant Accounts

With our vast menu of direct response merchant services, Instabill offers the benefit of multiple merchant accounts to handle the rigors of high volume, chargebacks and risk factor. When merchants tend to draw close to our generous volume caps, we suggest opening a second merchant account.

Unparalleled Direct Response Merchant Services Support with Instabill

When prospective merchants and partners inquire about signing on with Instabill, they converse one-on-one with one of our merchant account managers. After signing on, merchants have the same merchant account contact at their disposal. Available from 8 a.m. through 6 p.m. Monday through Friday (U.S. Eastern time), our staff serve as consultants through the life of the partnership.

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