Why Instabill Provides High Risk Merchant Accounts

Many banks around the world are conservative when providing merchant accounts to e-commerce businesses. They meticulously assess a general set of risk factors for every applicant, and some merchants do not get the payment processing chance they deserve because they are considered high risk.With Instabill’s merchant services, e-commerce businesses worldwide may qualify for one of our high risk merchant accounts and begin processing in days.

What Makes a Merchant High Risk?

There are many aspects of a merchant’s business that may make him or her high risk. Reference the list below to learn some common reasons why an acquiring bank may consider you to be high risk.

  • Little or no credit card processing history
  • The merchant is in an industry that comes with age or legal restrictions
  • Location of business
  • Location of merchant’s residence
  • Type of goods or services that the merchant provides
  • Large ticket transactions
  • High monthly volume

How Instabill Can Help High Risk Merchants

Instabill is a global merchant services provider that helps high risk merchants worldwide find the payment processing solutions they need. At Instabill, our merchant account managers work with a wide network of acquiring banks across the globe to provide customized and efficient solutions for each merchant. With our offshore merchant accounts, high risk merchants can be paired with an acquiring bank in another country that has fewer restrictions.

To learn more about Instabill’s high risk merchant accounts, contact one of our merchant account experts today. You can contact us online by using the live chat feature at the bottom of your screen, or by calling 1-800-318-2713.