Why We Offer Startup Merchant Accounts

Why We Offer Startup Merchant Accounts

Who knows who or what will be the next Amazon? Or the next Zappos?

We like the e-commerce game and, with due diligence, we’re willing to take a chance on new e-commerce businesses by offering startup merchant accounts.

Our belief at Instabill is that legal and legitimate e-commerce businesses deserve to accept an array of payment processing solutions. We’ve stood by that creedo for 15 years and it will never waver.

We’re often asked by folks who concentrate on low risk and POS businesses: Why do you take on high risk businesses?

Instabill offers startup merchant accounts because we, along with our acquiring banking partners, are in a position to take on the risk. And, in reference to the first sentence, you never know.

Why Startup Businesses Tend to Draw Caution

When startup businesses approach a payment processor about obtaining a merchant account, it tends to raise red flags. With startups, there comes uncertainly in the form of the following:

  • Lack of credit card processing history
  • Volatility and instability
  • Funds – a lack thereof

For those reasons, our merchant account managers will ask plenty of questions in the application phase. It’s all in the name of getting – and keeping – your business processing payments.

Startup Merchant Accounts: Why We Offer Them

Simply, we feel the risk is worth the reward. And we have the backing of our banks.

  1. Startups are considered high risk businesses. We have the domestic, international and offshore banking partners in place who welcome high risk merchants, including startups.
  2. Speaking of said banks, certain ones work better with certain industries. We know which, and we’re going to match your business with the best banking option we know.
  3. Our merchant account managers earn approvals for new businesses on a daily basis, and there is a degree of pride when they do.

“It’s always a challenge getting merchant accounts for startup businesses since so much emphasis is placed on payment processing history and financials,” said Wendy Jacques, Sales Manager at Instabill. “That said, because our acquiring banking partners routinely deal with high risk merchants, they’re in a position to take on the risk.”

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