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In order to process credit and debit card payments through your website, you need a merchant account with an acquiring bank. Merchant accounts aren’t always easy to come by, however, depending on your individual qualifications and business type.

That’s where Instabill comes in.

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What is a Merchant Account?

A merchant account can be referred as many things, such as a merchant services account or merchant credit card account. It is a special type of bank account used to receive the proceeds of credit card transactions through a website, over the phone or through the mail. The merchant’s acquiring bank accepts payment from the consumer and deposits funds into the merchant account. It is an absolutely necessity when processing credit card transactions online.

Why You Should Apply for an Instabill Merchant Account

After completing the quick form above, our expert account managers will be in touch shortly. Following our preapproval (a few questions about your business), we’ll e-mail you an application package and connect your business with the best acquiring banking solution we know. In nearly 20 years of payment processing, Instabill knows which acquiring banks are best for certain industries.

Our credit card processing solutions include PCI compliant payment gateways, generous volume caps, solutions for most currencies and most importantly, live customer support. We can help you get started today.

For more information, contact us online or call us toll-free at 1-800-530-2444. We will assign you one merchant services expert who will answer all of your payment processing questions every step of the way.

High Risk

Whatever the characteristics are that make your business high risk – industry type, high monthly processing volume, chargebacks or geographical location – Instabill can provide you with an affordable high risk merchant account. We’ve been helping launch and guide e-commerce businesses for nearly 20 years.

Low Risk

Low risk merchant accounts through Instabill typically mean a fast approval and competitive rates following our easy application process. Sign up for our credit card processing services and watch your e-commerce sales and profits grow.


Instabill works with all the major credit card brands — MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, Diner’s Club International and even JCB and China Union Pay. For U.S. merchants, we guarantee fast payouts: Transaction day plus two days (T+2). Learn more about US merchant accounts.


There are many benefits of offshore merchant accounts including:

  • More Liberal: Offshore banks are more liberal, and tend to take on high risk industries so long as merchants have sound financial history.
  • Possible Tax Breaks: Offshore banks tend to have lesser tax implications than domestic or international banks.
  • No Volume Restrictions: Offshore banks are also known for generous or no volume caps whereas domestic and international banks may feel the higher the volume, the higher the chargeback risk.
  • Multi-Currency Options: The offshore merchant account holder has a choice of processing in currencies such as the Euro, GBP, Australian Dollar. Japanese Yen, Chinese Yuan, Hong Kong Dollar and many more.
  • Offshore Company Registrations: Need to register your e-commerce business in another country? An Instabill merchant account expert will guide you through the process of obtaining your merchant service account and registering your company in another country. View our offshore company registration page.


Instabill helps e-commerce business owners establish internet merchant accounts so they can accept credit card payments through their websites. With cost-effective solutions and PCI compliant applications, our merchant account services quickly become a valuable necessity to any e-commerce business.


For qualifying merchants, the Instabill can arrange for a free virtual terminal so businesses can process credit card transactions over the phone or via mail order. Learn more about our mail order/telephone order (MOTO) solutions today.


Instabill can provide your business with retail merchant services and a variety of the latest POS terminals. Whether you own a small clothing boutique or a large supermarket, we have a merchant account solution for you.