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Many e-commerce merchants are faced with difficulties when trying to find good credit card processing services. With many e-commerce industries categorized as “high risk,” some acquiring banks will be unlikely to provide merchant accounts to hard-working merchants. With Instabill's offshore merchant accounts, that problem is solved—by establishing an account offshore, you can find a bank that will be more willing and eager to work with you.

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What Are Offshore Merchant Accounts?

Offshore merchant accounts are like traditional merchant accounts, except they are established with a bank outside your home country. While you do not have to incorporate your business in the same country, offshore merchant accounts are perfect for high risk industries such as online pharmaceuticals, e-cigarettes and tech support.

Learn More About Offshore Merchant Account Services

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Which Merchants Are Eligible for Offshore Merchant Accounts?[+]

Fraud and bankruptcy impacts some industries more than others. Sometimes offshore merchant accounts are the logical move for a business. The inability of the merchants of high risk businesses to get a domestic merchant account or credit card processing solution leaves them little choice but to opt for an offshore merchant account. Merchants that require an offshore merchant account are usually categorized by these factors:

  • Internet sales of products/services is deemed illegal in certain jurisdictions
  • Company Registered address is located in an offshore environment
  • Poor or no merchant credit history
  • High sales volume
  • Increased frequency of refunds
  • Increased frequency of chargebacks

  • E-Commerce Industries Instabill Serves[+]

    Instabill serves a wide variety of e-commerce industries. Since we specialize in high risk credit card processing, many of these industries greatly benefit from our offshore merchant accounts. View our complete list of e-commerce industries.

    9 Benefits of Offshore Merchant Accounts[+]

  • Real time credit and debit card processing: Merchants are able to process credit and debit card transactions instantaneously.
  • Automated billing service: Merchants can generate their own daily, weekly or monthly statements through automated software.
  • Secure payment gateway: Some merchant account providers possess top-of-the-line, built-in payment gateway systems that provide merchants with extensive details of their transactions and offshore credit card processing services.
  • Third party processing: Ideal for small businesses or e-commerce startups.
  • Security: SSL (Secure Sockets Layers) and/or 3D Secure (Verified by Visa & MasterCard SecureCode). Additionally, fraud detection tools such as AVS (Address Verification Service), CVV2, Advanced Fraud Screening software, internal negative databases are offered to reduce chargebacks.
  • Easy application and fast approvals: The application process usually takes less than 10 minutes to complete online. Approvals occur within 3-4 business days on an average.
  • Multiple currency processing option: The offshore merchant account holder has a choice of processing in worldwide currencies such as Japanese Yen, Chinese Yuan, Hong Kong Dollar and many more.
  • Customer service and technical support: Merchants are at times offered their own dedicated account managers who assist the merchants through the account application and credit card processing system process
  • High-Risk businesses accepted: Many high-risk businesses opt for offshore merchant accounts because of less tax restrictions in other countries.

  • Offshore Merchant Account Fees and Payouts[+]

    When looking for merchant services, rates and fees play an important factor in the decision making process. Instabill offers highly competitive and cost-effective merchant account fees through its network of banking partners. Once your acquiring bank determines your fees, it will also determine your payout schedule based on the strength of your application. Regardless of whether you receive payouts daily (three days in arrears) or weekly (one or two weeks in arrears), you will receive your approved funds on time, every time. Read more about Instabill payouts.

    Offshore Company Registrations[+]

    If you need help obtaining an offshore company registration, you are in luck! Instabill also has a large network of offshore incorporation partners that will make it easy for you to register offshore. Since we have all of your merchant account application documents, we are ready to do all of the work for you. Read more about our offshore company registration services.

    Online Credit Card Processing Web Services[+]

    As a merchant service provider, Instabill also offers a variety of online credit card processing web services. Whether you need help integrating your site to our payment gateway, need to troubleshoot your gateway integration, or you need help integrating your shopping cart, our client tech support experts are here to help. As an added bonus, we can also help you with PCI compliance scanning and obtaining an SSL certificate for your e-commerce website. Read more about our web services here.

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