Why Merchants Should Refer Online Payment Processing with Instabill

Why Merchants Should Refer Online Payment Processing with Instabill

Recently, we’ve become big fans of Adil Moussa’s blog, who writes and consults on acquiring strategies. On Mar. 13, he posted one titled Why Merchants Don’t Refer to Acquirers, and it really got us thinking about our partner program.

Our partner program has come a long way since its inception a few years ago. We’ve welcomed independent agents, ISOs and even competitors who come to us for online payment processing for hard-to-place merchants.

What Mr. Moussa’s blog sparked was this: With what we have to offer, we should be doing better with our partner program; specifically, in targeting our merchants.

So while Mr. Moussa explains why merchants don’t refer acquirers, we offer four reasons as to why our merchants should refer Instabill to other e-commerce and POS businesses.

4 Things for Merchants to Consider

Merchants’ chief concern is sales – we get it. That’s why the Instabill affiliate program fits in well. Leads and applications that lead to credit card processing open a new source of revenue for merchants – a generous source at that.

60-70% Revenue Shares

In an effort to grow our partner program, we announced in December our new partner revenue sharing structure: 60-70 percent shares for leads and applications that begin to process credit cards.

  • 60 percent shares for leads and apps for businesses that generate up to $1 million per month.
  • 70 percent shares for leads and apps for businesses that generate over $1 million per month.

Easy Revenue Stream

Instabill’s revenue shares recur for the life of the processing merchant account. Simply refer businesses to us, and we’ll do the rest—providing fast approvals and online payment processing solutions.

High Risk Solutions

Instabill has solutions for high risk businesses – e-commerce and MOTO – that most payment service providers do not. With domestic, international and offshore banking partners, Instabill likely has a solution for your business.

Telephone, Live Chat, E-Mail

Take your pick. Our merchant account managers are reachable in whichever way you prefer. We don’t just get businesses processing payments; we’re available as consultants for the life of the merchant account.

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