Walmart spurring advancement of India e-commerce

Walmart spurring advancement of India e-commerce

With India e-commerce set to expand drastically over the next few years, global e-commerce leaders are beginning to gain footholds inside the country.

Walmart, the world’s largest retailer, is just one of the major brands looking to cash in on the growing market. But with a history of disappointing performances, will Walmart e-commerce succeed?

Why Is India E-Commerce Growing?

As the second most populous nation on Earth, India’s e-commerce market has been struggling in recent years. This is mainly because of the Indian government’s laws restricting foreign businesses, as well as a lack of technological innovation in the country. With internet-capable devices like smartphones and tablets to become more available to the public in the coming years, experts are predicting that the country’s e-commerce market will rise as well. This has prompted major online retailers such as eBay and Amazon to increase interests in India.

What Does Walmart E-Commerce Plan to Do?

Walmart has apparently hired a team who will specialize in determining the particulars of the growing e-commerce environment in India. Although Walmart e-commerce has been shaky in the past—the mega retailer does significantly better with its storefront locations, and its e-commerce website is riddled with errors—taking an e-commerce route may be their only option. India’s government restricts investments from foreign businesses, meaning Walmart would have to build an e-commerce platform specific to India in order to tap into the market.

How Will this Affect Global E-Commerce?

If Walmart e-commerce in India does take off, it likely won’t make a huge impact. Walmart still needs to perfect its e-commerce formula, and this may take a great deal of time and money. US companies like eBay and Amazon will have a much easier time profiting from the growth in India, and the same will go for Chinese e-retailers Alibaba and

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