E-Cigarette Processing is More Competitive Than Ever

E-Cigarette Processing is More Competitive Than Ever

E-cigarette processing is getting really competitive and that is great news for merchants. There are more options and better pricing than ever before, which is really keeping us merchant account managers at Instabill on our toes. Instabill used to be one of the few companies in the industry to be able to offer merchant accounts to e-cigarette businesses. Now, as more and more processors are able to offer solutions at better and better pricing, we really need to give e-cigarette merchants better value than ever before to maintain our position as a preferred partner to many of the leading online e-cigarette retailers.

E-Cigarette Processing Solutions Abound at Instabill

The popularity of e-cigarettes has increased significantly over the last year.  In order to be on top of our game, we have developed a number of e-cigarette solutions at Instabill that support a number of payment gateways across a variety of platforms. We also are able to offer flexible pricing and adjust it on a case-by-case basis according to the features a merchant wants with their account.

Additionally we are able to offer international and multi-currency e-cigarette merchant accounts. These allow an e-cigarette merchant to do business with customers nearly anywhere in the world using that customer’s native currency. An established merchant can make the most out of advantageous international jurisdictions when it comes to selecting a country from which to operate.

E-Cigarette Cap Concerns? Let Instabill Work With You

Monthly volume is often a concern with e-cigarette merchants. We frequently have merchants come to us who have been restricted by low monthly caps. We can avoid this and allow our merchants to process as much volume as they wish by taking advantage of our network of banking partners with generous volume policies, or even offering multiple accounts when needed. With any product or service being offered to a business, it is key for my staff and me to listen to the needs of each individual merchant and work hard to match them up with a perfect solution that doesn’t break the bank.

E-Cigarette Merchant Accounts With Instabill

E-cigarette processing has become ultra-competitive, evidenced by big tobacco companies buying e-cigarette brands or establishing their own. To open your e-cigarette merchant account at Instabill call 1-800-318-2713 to speak with a live representative.

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