Transact 16 is a Week Away, and You Should Meet With Instabill

Transact 16 is a Week Away, and You Should Meet With Instabill

It is well known that banks are turning away high risk merchants a little more frequently for a number of reasons. Perhaps it’s because of industry type, exceedingly high volume or imperfect processing history.

Instabill has solutions for all three situations which is why you need to stop by Booth #1018 at Transact 16.

Partner Shares: 60-70% for Leads and Applications

Over the last two years, the number of our merchant partnerships have increased dramatically. Our partner program has an open door to agents, ISOs and even competing payment service providers. For business referrals that begin to process payments, Instabill offers a two-tiered revenue sharing system:

  • 70% revenue shares for applications and leads that process over $1 million per month
  • 60% revenue shares for applications and leads that process up to $1 million per month

Instabill is a High Risk Credit Card Processor

Instabill offers payment processing to businesses of all risk levels, but has carved out a niche in the high risk space. Instabill launched in 2001 in the online gaming, dating and adult industries and has since expanded into more than 90 high and low risk industries and partners with domestic, international and offshore banks to offer its network of merchants a wealth of payment processing options.

Instabill can get credit card processing for those high risk, hard-to-place businesses.

Payment Options: Choose One, Choose More

Instabill gives merchants plenty of ways to process payments.

  • ACH Payment Processing and Check Solutions: We urge all merchants to offer ACH payments for a simple reason: If a customer or merchant is unable to make a credit card payment, he/she can always pay by check.
  • Credit/Debit Card Processing: This is our forte. Instabill recognizes all the major brands including Visa and MasterCard, and also has options with JCB and China UnionPay.
  • Check 21: Check 21 is a digital payment in which involves creating and processing a digital version of a paper check.
  • Image Cash Letter: ICL is the process in which a merchant creates a virtual check using a customer’s bank account information verified with the payment processor’s or bank’s check verification system.
  • Virtual Check: Virtual check is a process that enables merchants to enter a customer’s bank account details into a checkout page.
  • Virtual Terminal: Instabill offers use of its secure virtual terminal for mail order-telephone order (MOTO) merchants, enabling them to enter payment information manually.

Schedule a Meeting Today

Instabill is exhibiting at Booth #1018 at Transact 16 and we’re always up for a discussion. Schedule a meeting today by e-mailing Founder and CEO Jason Field at [email protected], or simply call 1-800-318-2713.

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