Tech Support Merchant Accounts Tops in March

Tech Support Merchant Accounts Tops in March

Tech support merchant accounts emerged as the top selling industry in the month of March at Instabill for the third straight month, announced Sales Manager Wendy Jacques.

The tech support industry has been Instabill’s top merchant account seller since the final quarter of 2015.

How Instabill Does Tech Support Merchant Accounts

The industry of PC tech support can be prone to chargebacks and not all banks will offer credit card processing. Instabill is one of few payment processors that can offer both domestic and offshore merchant processing solutions, but within certain guidelines:

  • Offshore tech support startups must process a minimum of $5,000 consistently per week in order to get a weekly payout.
  • Tech support merchants can only offer their services on their website. Items such as SEO services and antivirus programs are not permitted because they are regarded as different industries.
  • Service plans are permitted but cannot exceed three months.

E-Cigarettes, Travel Among Other Sellers

E-Cigarettes and related products along with travel-related businesses remained consistently in demand as they have over the last quarter of 2015 and Q1 of 2016.

Tobacco-related merchants and credit repair businesses were also in search of payment processing solutions in March, as were web design and sales leads companies.

Alternative Payment Solutions for Tech Support Merchants

Processing credit card payments is the solution of choice for tech support merchants, but Instabill can offer several other secure payment methods such as ACH processing. By accepting ACH payments, tech support businesses can accommodate customers who might be unable to pay by credit card.

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