Top Two Reasons Why Merchants Love Instabill

Top Two Reasons Why Merchants Love Instabill

Instabill provides similar services as its competitors including online merchant accounts, multi-currency processing, and free shopping cart modules. However, if there are so many different merchant service providers all around the world, then what makes us stand out? Below are the top two reasons why merchants love Instabill.

One Merchant Service Provider, One Merchant Account Manager

When I speak with new merchants, they often vent their frustrations about their existing merchant account and payment gateway. “Each time I call my service provider,” they tell me, “I speak with a different person.”

They tell me they have so many contacts that they never really know which one to use. I feel sorry for them for about one second until I remember that things are different here — one of the reasons why merchants love Instabill.

For starters, your merchant account manager at Instabill will always be your merchant account manager at Instabill—from application to final payout. We have a more personal approach and establish solid business relationships. This means we want to get to know you as well as your credit card processing needs. Throughout the life of your Instabill merchant account, you can go to your account manager with every question and they will always be there to assist you.

Consolidating Your Payment Gateways

My conversations with merchants then lead to technical concerns. “Another integration?” They ask me. “I would love to have multiple merchant accounts and really spread out my risk, but I don’t have enough employees to manage three gateways, deal with different payment platforms, or have the time to speak with all of those people from different companies when I need support.”

With Instabill, you can have 10 merchant accounts and manage them all through one user-friendly payment gateway. OK, so maybe 10 merchant accounts is a little excessive, but the point is that you could easily consolidate two, three, or four payment gateways and manage multiple merchant accounts all through one API. This will save you a small fortune in developer’s fees and means that regardless of what Instabill merchant account you are using, you will always manage it through the same Instabill payment gateway.

Find Out More Reasons to Love Instabill

For more information about getting an Instabill merchant account, contact us online or call us at 1-800-318-2713. Not only will we treat you the best, but we will also find you the best merchant account solution for your business.

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