The Best Credit Card Processors Offer These 5 Things

The Best Credit Card Processors Offer These 5 Things

You’ve got this wonderful idea of an online startup business and you need the ability to accept credit cards online.

Finding the best merchant services provider for your e-commerce business is akin to wading through a jungle. You are faced with many make-or-break decisions: The best bank for your startup; banking fees to consider; card brands and currencies to accept, etc…

With that, here are five things that the best credit card processors offer:

1. High Risk or Low Risk: Select a Reputable Provider

An e-commerce payments pioneer, Instabill got started with the payment processing demands of the online gambling and dating industries in the UK in the early 2000s. Those industries opened the door to other high risk industries, which paved the way for low risk.

2. Domestic, International/Offshore Banking Options

The reason why Instabill can accommodate so many high risk industries is because of our partnerships with many diverse banking partners in the U.S., U.K., Europe, South America and Asia. While a U.S. bank might deem an industry too high a risk, an offshore bank – typically more lenient and liberal – will accommodate it.

3. Payouts in Your Familiar Currency

One of the great perks that comes from partnering with international and offshore banks is the ability to work with nearly any currency. Instabill can process payments in U.S., Canadian and Australian dollars, euros, British pounds, Indian rupees, Japanese yen and Chinese yuan.

4. Custom Solutions for Your Business

We’ve been offering payment solutions to merchants who need e-commerce merchant accounts for a long time. With more than 90 supported industries, our merchant account managers know which acquiring banks are the best fit for, for example, e-cigarettes or tobacco businesses, nutraceuticals or website design.

5. Live Support a Phone Call Away

Instabill merchant account managers are reachable directly at 1-800-318-2713 Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. until 6 p.m. Inquiries outside of business hours will be returned the very next business day by phone, guaranteed. Instabill will assign one dedicated merchant account manager to your account, for the life of the account.

We Thought of a Couple More Things…

For e-commerce business owners, the best credit card processors offer chargeback prevention tools and a secure payment gateway.

As friendly fraud (also called card-not-present fraud) continues to escalate, merchants need chargeback mitigation more than ever. By logging on to our blog site and keystroking ‘chargebacks’ into the search bar, merchants can find numerous solutions to prevent chargebacks.

You will connect your website with the PCI DSS-compliant payment gateway of the acquiring bank with which we match you – and we match merchants with the best banking options out there.

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