Tech Support, Check Solutions Tops Among May Merchant Accounts

Tech Support, Check Solutions Tops Among May Merchant Accounts

For the second straight month, check solutions from Instabill proved very popular among e-commerce merchants seeking secure and reliable payment options. We think it’s for of a number of reasons.  We feel the fact that Visa’s chargeback threshold took effect in January coupled with the recent demand for check solutions is not a coincidence.

Why are Check Solutions Popular All of the Sudden?

Instabill has continued to sell credit card processing solutions for e-commerce business, more than any other payment scheme. Over the last two months, however, Instabill merchant account managers have sold a fair amount of check processing solutions for tech support, collections, credit repair and web services merchants.

Check solutions are fast becoming a sought after payment method again, for good reason: They’re secure, they’re processing more rapidly and prove to be a parachute of sorts.

“Check solutions keep merchants in business,” said Instabill Sales Manager Wendy Jacques. “When merchants are nearing the chargeback limits set by Visa and MasterCard, they can rely on checking solutions until their chargeback levels come back down. It is an option of which every merchant should take advantage.”

Most Popular: Tech Support Merchant Accounts

As far as e-commerce industries, PC tech support continued to be Instabill’s best seller while merchant account types such as nutraceuticals, airline charters, marijuana seeds and online jewelry were sold.

Additionally, Instabill representatives also sold merchant accounts for online auto parts and gaming, in addition to new industries like fitness tracking software and stock education.

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Instabill got its start in the late 1990s processing credit card transactions for the online gambling and dating industries and has since expanded to more than 90 business types. Don’t see your industry? Our merchant account managers are always up for a conversation at 1-800-318-2713 or by clicking the live chat option below.

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