Reduce Checkout Abandonment With These 5 Tidbits

Reduce Checkout Abandonment With These 5 Tidbits

Let’s face it: The online checkout process can be annoying. The key is to make it the least degree of annoying possible.

While e-commerce merchants are always concerned with getting more clicks on their website, they want the opposite for their checkout pages. The more clicks on a checkout page, the higher the probability a customer will jump ship.

So e-commerce merchants should always be examining their checkout processes to reduce checkout abandonment. Even saving consumers one click is a huge step toward a better customer experience.

The Reason for Checkout Abandonment

When a consumer leaves an e-commerce website in the middle of a purchase – perhaps while entering credit card information, shipping preference or even entering a coupon code – it means there is friction in the checkout process.

We offer five ways merchants can reduce checkout abandonment:

1. Invest on Your Checkout Page, Not Just Your Home Page

Sure, having an attractive, eye-catching home page is important. But just as important – and e-commerce merchants might forget this – are your checkout pages, even though the online shopper doesn’t see them until the end of the experience.

While your home page is designed to bring visitors in, your checkout page must be a fast positive experience.


2. Offer Guest Checkout

Enabling customers to checkout as a guest will reduce checkout abandonment significantly. Forcing them to create a profile – while checking out, no less – is practically inviting them to click away.


3. Offer Backup Steps

If a consumer needs to revisit a step during a purchase – perhaps to enter a different credit card or a different shipping address – they should be able to do so without having to start all over.

‘Back’ buttons should grace the pages of your website to enable consumers to do so. It’s 2016.


4. How Would You Like to Pay?

One of the best resources for e-commerce merchants who wish to open their doors to the world, is the The Paypers Cross-Border Economic Report which enables merchants to view the preferred payment schemes of each country.

Recognizing and accepting different payment schemes means repeat visitors.


5. How Can I Eliminate a Click?

It’s an important question as alternative payment schemes are emerging; a question e-commerce merchants must revisit often. It’s all about the consumer’s experience.

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