Instabill Partnership Enables for More European Payment Solutions

Instabill Partnership Enables for More European Payment Solutions

Recently, we feel like we’re on a roll the last few months with offering diverse, cutting edge e-commerce payment solutions, having partnered with several acquiring banks with reach into the far corners of the world.

It is an exciting time, to say the least.

Our latest partnership is with an acquiring bank that specializes in European payment solutions – something of which, we believe, the best payment processors cannot have enough.

Why Diverse European Payment Solutions are Necessary

We’re continually fascinated how consumers of certain countries and regions around the world are faithful to the ways they pay for goods and services. That fascination has led to a focused effort in getting our merchants and partners exposure and solutions into these markets.

In Europe, for example:

  • Only 36 percent of consumers prefer to pay for goods and services with a credit card.
  • Direct debit and real-time bank transfers own the lion’s share of the payments market at 55 percent
  • Less than 50 percent of European online shoppers own a credit card.
  • Outside of Europe, several regions, mainly in India and Africa, prefer cash on delivery

We feel more payment solutions for more places fuels growth – for all parties involved.

What makes our new European payment solution unique?

This solution caters to both high and low risk merchants and offers fast approvals and industry-competitive rates.

Through this payment option, Instabill can secure payment processing for high risk industries such as travel (agencies and timeshares), nutraceutical businesses, online pharmacies, multi-level marketing, tech support and many other high risk industries.

View our list of accepted industries

Don’t compete with us – partner with us!

Instabill is always looking to form partnerships with competing payment service providers for which we can find payment solutions and split the revenue 60-70 percent. Here’s how our affiliate program works:

  1. Stuck for payment solutions, PSP or agent contacts one of Instabill’s merchant account managers
  2. Instabill finds the desired payment processing solution for the PSP/agent
  3. The merchant begins processing transactions
  4. Instabill shares the revenue 40/60 or 30/70 in favor of the competing PSP/agent.

Everybody wins.

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