Instabill Offers New Online Wallet Account Solution

Instabill Offers New Online Wallet Account Solution

In its effort to find the best payment processing solutions for its network of merchants and partners, Instabill has partnered with a North American bank to offer an all-encompassing online wallet solution for merchants of all risk levels. For e-commerce merchants only, our new solution comes with many terrific benefits including fast access to funds, competitive rates, multi-currency options and digital currency usage.

6 things that make Instabill’s online wallet solution exceptional

  • Quick access to funds

Merchants can withdraw or send funds from their online wallet once the customer pays, eliminating the need for a bank wire transfer. Additionally, merchants can send secure online payments and invoices to vendors without sharing sensitive personal data.

  • Competitive rates – many approvals without a reserve

Our online wallet solution is open to any and all industries, high, medium and low risk (outside of our restricted industry/country list), with many accounts earning approvals with no reserve.

  • More than 20 currencies

Through Instabill’s new online wallet account partnership, merchants can accept and exchange funds in 21 currencies with only 2.5 percent over the current exchange rate.

  • Local, favored payment solutions

With worldwide usage, Instabill merchant partners can offer the local, favored payment solutions of more than 200 countries including Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific and LATAM – including the emerging markets such as India, China, Brazil and Russia.

  • The best shopping card modules

Merchants can select from the most popular shopping carts such as PrestaShop, Open Cart, ZenCart and OsCart.

  • Bitcoin wallet solutions

As bitcoin has surged over the last year (it peaked at $1,290 per bitcoin in early January), more merchants are warming to the idea of accepting payments in bitcoin. With Instabill’s online wallet solution, merchants can deposit and withdraw funds in the popular digital currency (as of publishing, bitcoin registered at $1,073).

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