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Direct merchant accounts from Instabill

Accept Credit Cards Online with Direct Merchant Accounts

Business Credit Card Processing Services

Instabill provides direct merchant accounts to e-commerce, MOTO and POS businesses worldwide with fast approvals and live, personal support. With our complete merchant services, you can customize your personal merchant account to meet all of your credit card processing needs. Our direct merchant services will help you expand your presence online and increase your bottom line.

Grow Your Business with a Direct Merchant Account

While third-party solutions like PayPal are great for startup businesses, existing merchants with solid credit card processing history have better opportunities with custom direct merchant accounts from Instabill.

  • High risk solutions: Instabill has partnerships with acquiring banks on six continents that welcome high risk businesses and provide the banking privileges high risk merchants need.
  • High volume solutions: Whether you’re a nutraceutical, multilevel marketing or online pharmaceutical merchant, Instabill’s direct merchant services include affordable high volume solutions. For businesses with significantly high volume, we suggest opening multiple merchant accounts to balance risk and keep chargebacks at a minimum.
  • Cost and operationally efficient: Instabill views every direct merchant account as unique, based on many components such as processing history and industry type. Our contract is easy to read. We do not promise suspiciously low rates and we are up front about our fees.
  • Domestic, international, offshore banking solutions: With banking partners worldwide, Instabill is able to offer merchant services direct with custom solutions over more than 80 high and low risk industries.
  • Customer support for the life of your direct merchant accounts: Instabill merchant account managers are available by calling direct at 1-800-530-2444 Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m. U.S. eastern time. Calls outside of our business hours will be addressed the next business day, guaranteed.

E-Commerce Industries Instabill Serves

Business credit card processing solutions

Instabill provides e-commerce merchants with a wide range of business credit card processing solutions. Depending on the location of your business, industry, and processing history, you will be able to accept major credit card brands such as Visa, MasterCard and American Express along with China UnionPay and JCB among many others.

Our credit card processing options go far beyond the most popular. Consumers in certain countries and regions prefer localized credit card brands and wallets. In Latin America, for example, card brands such as Cabal, Argencard, Boletol and Pago Facil are very popular while OneCard and CashU are among the most frequently-used cards in Middle East countries.

Even better, Instabill has partnerships with acquiring banks in the countries and regions recognized as the fastest emerging, including Brazil, Russia, India and China. In addition to UnionPay and JCB, Instabill can arrange solutions for Citrus, PayEasy and WeChat Payment for the APAC region, as well as Yandex and Qiwi for the Russian market.

When applying for direct merchant accounts with one of our offshore or international banking partners, you can accept card payments in multiple major currencies, including US, Canadian and Australian dollars, British pounds, euros and Japanese yen. Instabill’s acquiring banking partners recognize more than 160 different currencies and reach new merchants all around the world.

Secure Payment Gateway Application

With Instabill direct merchant accounts, you will integrate your website with the payment gateway of the best acquiring banking partner we know of for your industry. All customer payments submitted on your website will process through the payment gateway, and will then be submitted to your merchant account.

Our banking partners also offer virtual terminal solutions t qualified merchants, enabling them to accept card payments over the telephone or through mail orders. The virtual terminal will allow you to enter payment information manually into the payment gateway and process the transaction using our SSL encryption technology.

In order to qualify for a virtual terminal, merchants should have the necessary characteristics:

  • Business owner or owners must be citizens, registered and residents of the US.
  • Merchants with call centers, requesting a virtual terminal, must be located in the US.
  • Merchants must have a functional website detailing products and services.
  • Merchants must have sound payment processing history.

Affordable Direct Merchant Account Fees

All e-commerce businesses have different direct credit card processing requirements. Instabill’s merchant account fees are based upon individual evaluations by your acquiring bank. Depending on several factors — industry type, processing history and sales volume — our merchant account fees are fair, competitive and consistent within the industry. Among the fees our merchant partners can expect to pay, contingent on the acquiring banking solution we arrange, include:

  • Discount rate
  • Transaction fee
  • Merchant account fee
  • Monthly statement fee
  • Chargeback/Refund fees (if necessary)

Direct Credit Card Processing in the US and Offshore

Domestic merchant account or offshore merchant account — Instabill has a wealth of direct merchant services solutions for both and in virtually every geographical region of the world. For either option, Instabill can fulfill all of your direct credit card processing needs.