Business Consulting Merchant Accounts

Business consulting merchant accounts with Instabill

Accept Credit Card Transactions for Your Consulting/Coaching Business

Fast Approvals for Business Consulting Merchant Accounts

Business coaching and consulting is one of the newest and fastest growing industries. Personal consultants – life coaches, business coaches, and fitness coaches – are springing up all over the landscape and they have found that credit card transactions are the preferred method of payment. With business consulting merchant accounts from Instabill, we can have your business processing credit card payments in no time.

Partner With Instabill

Business consultants get hired to make a difference and produce results. A merchant account from Instabill is similar. We not only help get your business started, we give you the resources so that your coaching/consulting business can thrive. Speak with a live representative at 1-800-318-2713 today to get started.

Payment Gateway Integration

Once your consulting business is approved by our underwriters, you will link your website with the payment gateway of the acquiring banking partner with which we match your business. Consult your acquiring bank about potential features their payment gateway offers such as:

  • Access to your Merchant Panel
  • Shopping Cart Compatibility
  • Fraud Prevention Tools
  • Virtual Terminal Access
  • Currency Recognition

Always Live Customer Support

Instabill merchant account representatives answer all inquiries – telephone, email and online – in person. Our merchant account representatives are on hand to answer any and all inquiries for the life of your merchant account with Instabill.

Domestic, Offshore and International Banking Solutions

Over the last two years, Instabill has grown its list of acquiring banking options significantly to offer more banking options for business consulting merchant accounts. Need to register your business in another country? We can take care of that for you.

Chargeback Defense With Instabill

Every business suffers from chargebacks. It is a subject that we take seriously and often blog about to offer solutions and strategy to mitigate chargebacks. By entering ‘chargeback prevention’ into the search window, view our blogs and news items detailing solutions to fight chargebacks.