Instabill Offering Three New High Risk Payment Solutions

Instabill Offering Three New High Risk Payment Solutions

It is difficult to obtain an internet merchant account for a high risk business, now more than ever. As a payment service provider for high risk industries, we understand merchants’ struggle. So we’re always on the lookout for new payment solutions for our network of merchants and partners.

We’ve recently secured three more merchant account solutions to significantly broaden our menu of international and offshore banking options for high risk merchants.

The High Risk Industries in Which We Specialize

Instabill’s recent partnership with three Far East banks caters nicely to the industries we serve including:

Solution 1: Four Major Card Brands

For merchants seeking to accept credit and debit transactions not just limited to Visa and MasterCard, this solution also accepts American Express and JCB cards. Of course, we advise all merchants choosing this solution to carefully monitor their chargeback rates, which must remain under 1 percent of total sales or 100 chargebacks per month.

Solution 2: MasterCard and JCB Payment Solutions

Solution 2 is a unique program which recognizes MasterCard transactions for certain industries and both MasterCard and JCB for others. For example, this acquiring bank accepts MasterCard transactions in the industries of binary options, forex, online dating, replica sales and tarot readings. Any other high risk businesses can accept both MasterCard and JCB cards.

Solution 3: Visa, MasterCard for Most High Risk Industries

This solution, centered around Visa and MasterCard, will accommodate any high risk industry with the exception of tech support and adult content (for which Instabill has other solutions). Merchants interested in this solution must complete this acquiring bank’s application in full, in which we will assist.

Need high risk payment solutions? Instabill merchant account managers are reachable directly at 1-800-318-2713, or by clicking the live chat option below.

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