International Credit Card Processing with Instabill

International Credit Card Processing with Instabill

Last Friday, we blogged about our retail merchant accounts for US businesses, so we thought it would only be fair to follow that up with another post about our international credit card processing solutions—and there are many of them! From processing popular card brands to accepting multiple currencies, take a few moments to learn all about how Instabill can help you grow your e-commerce business worldwide.

International Currencies

Instabill has a dozen acquiring partners located worldwide allowing our merchants to accept more currencies and reach even more customers in hundreds of countries and regions across the globe.

Accepting Major Card Brands

One of the benefits of working with Instabill is that our international credit card processing services including card acceptance for major card brands. With the growing popularity of certain brands, it is important for merchants to offer diverse options to their customers. Instabill’s international credit card processing solutions support the following debit and credit card brands.

International Credit Card Processing Technology

When Instabill developed its payment gateway, the IT department made it possible for merchants to manage multiple MIDs through one credit card processing platform. Now, you may wonder why you would even consider opening multiple merchant accounts, but the reasons are logical. A merchant should never put all of his or her eggs into one basket. What we mean by this is that by distributing your transactions and approved funds among multiple merchant accounts will lower your risk.

Establishing multiple merchant accounts will also help you obtain more international credit card processing options for your customers. When one merchant account does not provide you with the card brands or currencies you need, Instabill can help you open one or two additional accounts that will satisfy your needs.

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To sign up with Instabill for our international credit card processing services, simply complete our short sign up form or call us toll-free at 1-800-318-2713. One of our expert merchant account managers can pre-qualify you over the phone, offer you instant merchant account quotes, and match you with the perfect offshore jurisdiction based on your processing requirements.

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